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Violence Against Women

The BBC is rightly having a campaign against domestic violence and violence against women in general.

It also appears to me, that women seem to get killed and attacked, a lot more than they did a couple of decades ago.

Is there too much violence against women in TV dramas, so men with small brains think it is acceptable? Surely, it is also wrong to have a TV drama called Killing Eve?

I have only watched a couple of TV dramas or films, in the last couple of years; Some Like It Hot and SAS Rogue Heroes.

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Dr. Who Episodes Found In Nigeria

This must be one of the strangest stories of recent weeks.  I found it on the BBC web site here, when I was coming back from Palermo.

How many old programs from the goldern black-and-white age of British television are gathering dust in cupboards all over the world?

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The First Lesbian Kiss on British Television

Type the title of this post into Google and you get linked to an episode on Brookside.

But this is wrong!

Last night, David Rose in his presentation showed a clip from the play he produced some years earlier called Girl.

This play doesn’t appear to be mentioned on either Wikipedia or the Internet Movie Database.

So the Internet isn’t always right!

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A Presentation By David Rose At The Duke Of Wellington

David Rose is one of the most important people in the history of British television and film drama.

Tonight he gave a fascinating and insightful presentation of his work at the Duke of Wellington in the Balls Pond Road.

I remember him in some ways for the work he did in the 1960s with Z-Cars and Softly-Softly. Did Z-Cars and the music scene in Liverpool in some way influence me to go to University in that city?  If it did, David is worth a big thank-you, as I’ve often said that Liverpool made me. I did of course meet C there, although she was fairly local to me in North London.

His later work for the BBC in the 1970s, was not something I remember very much, as it was the time, when we were bringing up the kids and working hard, so we didn’t watch television very much.

If David’s presentation turns up at a venue near you, it is very much worthwhile seeing.

I just wish, I’d seen more of the plays and films he has produced.  Sadly, it would appear that copies don’t exist of all of them, due to the BBC’s policy of reusing videotapes.

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