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Life Is Depressing – Isn’t It?

I was joking today with a friend and musing how depressing life is!

  • Brexit
  • A General Election With Two Grade-C Party Leaders with Grade-Z policies.
  • Too hot, no rain.
  • A Nose full of glue
  • No Girl-Friend
  • No Football
  • Donald Trump as US President
  • DUP
  • RMT
  • Tragedies

And to cap it all England are losing at cricket!

I was cheered much cheered up, by a delightful French assistant in Marks and Spencer.

A good reason to abandon Brexit!

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Depression Or Just Fed-Up?

They are talking about depression on BBC Breakfast this morning, saying that more anti-depressants are being prescribed.

Over the years, I used to suffer from mild depression, but generally my mother or later my wife, used to pull me out of it.

Since being diagnosed as a coeliac, fifteen years ago, I haven’t seemed to have suffered much, if at all.  And it’s not that I haven’t had something to get depressed about, what with the death of my wife and son to cancer and my stroke!

But then due to my gluten-free diet, I’m getting all the vitamins I need, as my gut now works properly.

But I’ve been rather fed up in the last few weeks, as I don’t like the hot weather, the lack of an intelligent lady to take to art galleries, the theatre or the cinema, the non-progress on my building works and no football to watch live or on the television.

It all gets better this weekend with the football season starting for Ipswich at Reading and Stevenage!

All I really need now, is someone, preferably female and intelligent, to share meals and experiences.

I do wonder how many of those prescribed anti-depressants, just need a decent experience or two to give them a lift!

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The Black Dog Campaign

According to the WHO by 2030 depression will be the world’s most disabling condition above cancer and AIDS.

So it is to be welcomed that SANE have started the Black Dog Campaign.

The SANE Black Dog at N1 Centre, Islington

This is one of the dogs they are using to publicise the campaign. Even at a mundane level, this dog is giving enjoyment to these kids.

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Depression and Processed Food

There is a serious report in The British Journal of Psychiatry linking levels of depression with processed food.  They are not sure that there might be other factors involved, but the evidence is fairly clear of the link.  As it is published in a peer-reviewed journal, everything is obviously scientifically-correct.

On the BBC web site there is an article with a video, where a guy describes how he cured his depression. Watch it! The first thing he says is that he cut out wheat!

Here’s what I said in a letter to the author of the study.

I was very interested to read the summary of your research and hear about it on the BBC this morning.

I used to suffer mild depression, despite being a very successful scientist and engineer, who created two multi-million pound companies.  My diet was good, as my late wife tended to believe in proper cooking and we did eat quite a bit in very good restaurants.  However, on trips to the US, I always felt worse and often came home early. Could this be because North America has wheat in everything and I was living on burgers?

But in 2003, I was diagnosed as a coeliac and went on a strict gluten-free diet.  Since then I’ve really not suffered from that type of depression, although I’ve had to get over the death of my wife from cancer of the heart and my youngest son is now suffering from serious pancreatic cancer.  I may be very unhappy and almost desperate at times, but I can talk my way through the problems and it is very different to the depression, I’ve had in the past.

So the question I have to ask, is the missing factor in your research gluten and sensitivity to it? 

Only one in a hundred of the UK population are coeliacs, but I understand that your study used middle-aged people.  I have a feeling, that many when they approach fifty could benefit by going on a gluten-free or low-gluten diet.

Keep up the good work.

I certainly would prefer to try a natural and balanced diet, than indulge in a few chemicals for depression.

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