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My Cardiac Echo Stress Test

I had a cardiac echo stress test today at Barts Hospital.

It has been almost fifty years since, I’ve been to that part of the hospital. And it was heart problems then. Not mine but my mother-in-law’s.

She had a very dodgy ticker and had two heart valve replacements. Her valve was  noisy and once she emptied a bus, as someone thought it was a bomb.

Doctors have thought one of my heart valves was leaking badly, but after the first part of the test, the doctor felt that it wasn’t that bad, so cut the test short.

  • One of my valves does leak, but not badly and it just needs to be watched.
  • The doctor also said, that it won’t need open heart surgery, as methods have improved.
  • So instead of a two hour examination, I had left after forty-five minutes.

That’s the sort of health care I like.

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An Unusual Hospital Appointment

I have just been sent an appointment from the local hospital for a routine echocardiogram.

What is unusual is that the appointment is for 18:40!

I am 73 and I’ve never had an appointment at a hospital outside of the normal working day.

How unusual?

I suppose it’s just that the hospital is catching up on work, delayed by the covids.

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