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The New Hackney Wick Station Opened On Time

This morning and I was up early to catch the first train train from Dalston Kingsland station to the new Hackney Wick station.

The train was precisely on time at 06:23.

Note that the herd of mammoths, that I photographed on Thursday are still underneath the new embankment.


This is a previous picture from Thursday.

From the pictures it would appear that they have picked up the station subway and given it a twirl.

It has certainly been an impressive project to demolish a railway on an embankment, insert a new subway and then rebuild and reopen the embankment, all in four working days.

I feel that they got the project nmanagement spot-on for this project, witn not a minute of wasted time.

But the biggest factor was surely, that the only work they did with the electrification was switch it off at the start and switch it on and test it, at the finish. They also probably used the most careful digger and crane operators they could find!

I wonder, if we’ll be seeing similar robust construction techniques to create and rebuild stations in double-quick time!

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Forget Drones, Flying Diggers Are More Fun!

I took these pictures at Hackney Wick this morning.station

As to progress, it appears that the subway has been slotted into the gap in the embankment created yesterday


This picture gives a distant view of the site on the North side of the tracks.

The subway appears not to be there anymore and it could actually be in position.

This must be good progress.

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Counting Them All In And Counting Them All Out

I didn’t expect to be able to see much at Hackney Wick station today, but contractors were hard at work creating space to be able to move the subway into position.

Trucks turned-up full with ballast, dumped it for distribution by the digger and then backed in and were filled with the remains of the embankment, before driving off.

Note that the overhead electrifrication is still in place, although it is switched off.

It appears that there is a cable that was buried in the platform and they have decided to keep on digging. You can see it clearly above the trucks being filled.

One guy told me, that they were being exceedingly careful.

But if East London goes dark, we’ll know who to blame.

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A Tough Way To Spend Easter

Hackney Wick station is being rebuilt.

It is not an easy job, as the rail line is on a viaduct six metres above ground level.

In addition to being a major line of the the London Overground, the North London Line is also an important freight route.

The picture was taken from the ramp that leads up to the station, which is high on the left.

To complicate matters on top of the station was a concrete footbridge.

This was demolished a month or so ago.

To make the creation of the subway through the embankment, even more challenging, they are building the subway to the North of the embankment.

And over Easter, they will do the tricky bit.

Starting on Friday, the 14th April, they will execute this sequence of operations.

  • Remove the track through Hackney Wick.
  • Dig a massive gap in the embankment and dig down to the stable gravel level.
  • lightweight polystyrene blocs will even be used to  replace a proportion of backfill.
  • Push the station subway, which is 12.7 metres wide and 22.5 metres long into the gap.

The job will then be completed by rebuilding the railway on top, ready for the start of services on the Tuesday.

This is the sort of job that needs a web-cam high on a convenient tower block.

Hackney Wick Station – 8th April 2017

These pictures show the station on the Saturday before work starts.

Is the subway going to be turned before it is moved into place?

Call In A Herd If Mammoths – 13th April 2017

These pictures show the subway tunnel being readied for the big push!

I think the last train into Hackney Wick station gets there at three minutes past midnight.

Counting Them All In And Counting Them All Out – 14th April 2017

The embankment is now being removed and I have put up a series of pictures in Counting Them All In And Counting Them All Out.

Here is a picture from the 8th of April and a sample from today for comparison.

It is an impressive operation, with a stream of trucks coming and going.

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Comings And Goings At Hackney Wick Station – 28th February 2017

These pictures were taken at Hackney Wick station.


  • All those imported Ford cars.
  • The freight-train with a pair of Class 86 locomotives on the front, with a combined age of around a hundred.
  • The station subway, which will be driven under the railway in April.
  • The old station footbridge has been spirited away.

According to this article in the Hackney Gazette, which is entitled Hackney Wick Overground station and surrounding streets on track for £25m redesign, says that the station will open in January 2018.


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An Upbeat View Of Hackney Wick

Hackney Wick is the sort of area of London, where traditionally it has dumped things that most people don’t want to know about. Although, the area does have a thriving artistic and indistrial community, much of the latter has moved out.

But this article in Building Design and Construction, which is entitled 25 Million Pounds Devoted to Hackney Wick For Upgrades, paints a very different upbeat view of the area.

So where has the money for the work come from?

  • A million from Tower Hamlets Council.
  • A million from Hackney Council.

There is also a sizeable donation from the London Legacy Development Corporation.

But then an updated Hackney Wick station, will provide much better access to the Olympic Stadium and all the housing being built around the Olympic Park.

The article finished like this.

Through this, the infrastructure of this particular area of North London will be greatly improved, allowing for better property conditions, better employment opportunities and of course better transport conditions for its locals. Mister Jon Fox of Transport for London also put in a word in for the advancement of Hackney Wick Overground, which will improve the conditions of millions of people from all over the capital.

We need a lot more well-designed and much better stations to generate growth.

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Work Has Really Started At Hackney Wick Station

This article in the Hackney Gazette is entitled Hackney Wick Overground station and surrounding streets on track for £25m redesign.

This is said.

Work is underway on a £25 million scheme for east London’s new Hackney Wick Overground station complex with major improvements in the surrounding streets.

So I went along to take some pictures.

The article says that there will be a subway under the railway by the Spring and the station will by completed next January with new stairs and two lifts.

According to this article on Ian Visits, the tunnel will be built alongside and pushed under the railway. This was done successfully at the new Rochester station.

That certainly fits with what i saw!



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A Station In Need Of Improvement

For some people, Hackney Wick station is an ideal place to start a visit to the Olympic Park.

But as these pictures show, it is not one of the best of London’s stations.

On the other hand, you can see in the first of the pictures, that work has started on a major station upgrade.

A guy in head-to-toe orange told me, that a new station will have emerged by February 2018.

In The Plans For A New Hackney Wick Station, I show a few pictures of what the station will look like.


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Freight At Hackney Wick Station

When I took the pictures, for the article about the redesign of that Hackney Wick station, two freight trains came through.

Is it just my feeling or are there more and longer freight trains on the North London Line?

The one that went west was particularly long. But at least it was electric hauled.

In all my searching for rail improvements in North and East London, I couldn’t find any plans for new freight routes to reduce the amount of freight traffic through the area.

The only positive thing is that the Gospel Oak to Barking Line is being electrified, which will mean that the trains will hopefully not be powered by noisy and smelly diesel locomotives.

So will we be seeing more freight trains going through in the middle of the night, as trains have to get past London on their way between. Felixstowe, Harwich, London Gateway and all the ports in the East to the West Coast Main Line and the Great Western?

The only partial solution is to electrify Felixstowe to Nuneaton via Peterborough and complete the East-West Rail Link to minimise traffic to and from Felixstowe going through London.

The only thing we can say about freight through North and East London, is that the problem will be get more and more difficult.

Imagine what would happen if the new Ultra Large Container Vessels started serving say Liverpool or Glasgow and then large numbers of containers were sent by rail through the Channel Tunnel to Europe. There have been plans to do this in the past as it saves time in getting goods from North America to Germany.

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The Plans For A New Hackney Wick Station

Hackney Wick station is one with two long ramps up to the platforms, which are on an embankment. This is a Google Earth image of the current station.

Hackney Wick Station

Hackney Wick Station

Note the Class 378 train in the Eastbound platform and the very long ramps.

These pictures show the current station.

But improvements are in the offing.

This document on the Hackney Council web site announced the plans for a new station. It says this.

An £8.5 million project to upgrade Hackney Wick Station has been announced.

Improvements are set to include new routes to reduce journey times to iCITY and the Olympic Park, moving the station entrance to street level, a new and enlarged concourse, lifts for step free access and the creation of a north-south walkway for passengers and pedestrians through the railway embankment.

It certainly is a comprehensive rebuild. I clipped these images from this document.

This is the station entrance.

Hackney Wick Station Entrance

Hackney Wick Station Entrance

This is the view from the south side of the line.

Hackney Wick Station South Elevstion

Hackney Wick Station South Elevstion

This image shows the Hackney Wick Artwall, which is shown in one of the pictures I took.

Hackney Wick Artwall

Hackney Wick Artwall

In my view the overall station design sets a powerful precedent, as it puts a subway into a station on an embankment with lift towers on either side of the tracks.

There must be a few stations like this that could be given a similar treatment.


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