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The Crossrail Tunnel Portal At Pudding Mill Lane

This 3D Google Map shows the Crossrail tunnel portal at Pudding Mill Lane.

The Crossrail tunnel portal is in the middle of the image.

  • Pudding Mill Lane station on the DLR is in the top-left corner of the image.
  • The tracks to the right of the portal lead to and from Liverpool Street station.
  • The circular building in the top right of the image is the sewage pumping station for the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Note the single track on the left side of the portal, which allows Crossrail trains to go to Liverpool Street station.


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An Upbeat View Of Hackney Wick

Hackney Wick is the sort of area of London, where traditionally it has dumped things that most people don’t want to know about. Although, the area does have a thriving artistic and indistrial community, much of the latter has moved out.

But this article in Building Design and Construction, which is entitled 25 Million Pounds Devoted to Hackney Wick For Upgrades, paints a very different upbeat view of the area.

So where has the money for the work come from?

  • A million from Tower Hamlets Council.
  • A million from Hackney Council.

There is also a sizeable donation from the London Legacy Development Corporation.

But then an updated Hackney Wick station, will provide much better access to the Olympic Stadium and all the housing being built around the Olympic Park.

The article finished like this.

Through this, the infrastructure of this particular area of North London will be greatly improved, allowing for better property conditions, better employment opportunities and of course better transport conditions for its locals. Mister Jon Fox of Transport for London also put in a word in for the advancement of Hackney Wick Overground, which will improve the conditions of millions of people from all over the capital.

We need a lot more well-designed and much better stations to generate growth.

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Old Ford Water Recycling Plant

This plant just off the Greenway takes raw sewage from the Northern Outfall Sewer and converts it into clear water for non-potable purposes on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

I visited it during Open House 2016.

We need more plants like this, to make better use of the water we use.

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Pudding Mill Lane Pumping Station

Pudding Mill Lane Pumping Station is explained in this press release from Thames Water, which is entitled Olympic sewage site’s ‘Pinky and Perky’ scoop architectural award.

This is said.

The Pudding Mill Lane pumping station, which will take away sewage from the Olympic Park, can deal with up to 1,000 litres of sewage per second.

These pictures show the pumping station.

Unfortunately, it is all rather hidden by either wire fences or hoarding for Crossrail.

Pinky and Perky can just be seen in some pictures.



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Marshgate Lane Goes Under Northern Outfall Sewer

Marshgate Lane is one of the main routes to get heavy equipment into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The pictures don’t tell the full story.

Before the construction of the Olympics started, it was a lane under the Northern Outfall Sewer, the massive set of four Victorian pipes which take away an awful lot of North London’s waste water to the pumping station at Abbey Mills before it is pumped to the Beckton works for treatment.

For the Olympics, the lane was not going to be used, but afterwards, it needed to be upgraded to a full height underpass, so that HGVs could get into the site.

So before the Olympics, a contract was negotiated to dig the underpass, through as the name Marshgate Lane suggests, not the best of soils.

I heard rumours from Thames Water engineers, that British contractors were rather pleased that the difficult contract was awarded to a German construction company.

The rumours also said that the Germans lost considerable sums of money on what was one of the more expensive projects for the Olympics.

At least they didn’t make the mistake of damaging the sewer and dumping the proceeds from over a million or so toilets all over the Olympic site.

They’d have really been in the sh*t then!

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From The Greenway To Stratford International Station

These are pictures, I took whilst walking and riding from the ~Old Ford Recycling Centre on the Greenway to Stratford station.


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Inside The Olympic Park

I walked across from the ViewTube to Eastfield.

As the pictures show, there seems to have been a comprehensive upgrading of the site. All it needs now is to finish the Olympic Stadium.

My one doubt is the price of going up the Orbit. Remember that there is a good viewing gallery in John Lewis at Eastfield.

It certainly looks better now, than the site where the Athens Olympics of 2004 took place.

When it is complete with a fully refurbished Olympic stadium, it will be a unique attraction for London.

In some ways for me it could become a special place, as so much of my early years had connections with London’s second river, the Lee.  I used to fish in it, I worked alongside it, I drunk by My youngest son, even lived close to it in Bow.


London’s second river has at last found its purpose in life. It’s just a pity that C and our youngest son aren’t here to see it.

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Walking To The Olympic Park

I went to the newly-reopened Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park today by walking from Hackney Wick station.

I actually stopped for a cup of tea at the ViewTube.

But it was an easy walk, once you started along the Greenway.

There is also a nice slope up and down from the ViewTube, which as is typical for a Sunday was fairly busy.

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The Olympic Park From John Lewis

I took these pictures today of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park from John Lewis in Eastfield.

It looks very different to before and during the Olympics. I took these pictures just over a year ago.

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The Copper Box

After leaving the park yesterday, I went and had a look in the Copper Box.

This is the first new Olympic venue to become fully open.

It is an impressive arena and I shall be looking to see if I can play badminton there.  With my eyesight, it might be a better game to play for me, than real tennis. You can play badminton there and details \are here.

Although the information isn’t fully working, it would appear that the bus stop for the Copper Box on the 588 route, is called the Copper Box. They would appear to run every fifteen minutes and I took one back to Eastfield for a train home.

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