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TTIP Is Known About In Germany

If you were on the Clapham Omnibus or in my case the Dalston Omnibus and you did a straw poll of what TTIP was about, you probably wouldn’t find anybody who knew.

But obviously they do in Germany.

TTIP Stoppen!

TTIP Stoppen!

Or at least they want to stoppen it!

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From Villach To Munich

This section of route had the major stop at Salzburg.

It was still raining, but at least I was clean and dry in First Class.

It would have been a much better trip in the sun, as for a lot of the route, the train runs on the Tauern Railway 

Even my wet pictures show how spectacular it could be.

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Onward To Ljubljana

This was an uneventful journey in a comfortable train, but the weather seemed even worse, so there was no serious photo opportunities.

At Ljubljana, I changed a few notes into Euros and got a taxi in the rain.

It might have been a memorable journey through beautiful countryside, but with the rain and the dark, I couldn’t tell!

By Ljubljana, I was hungry and as my comfortable hotel had no choice of food I fancied, I walked a few hundred metres in the rain to the city centre and bought some chips and an orange juice from McDonalds.

I don’t think that the journey from Split to Ljubljana had been successful, but then it isn’t supposed to rain in the Balkans, when I’m on holiday!

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A Pit Stop In Zagreb

In my original plans, I had given myself four hours in Zagreb and I had intended to have a good lunch and explore the city using the trams.

But it was a bit of a disaster. probably due to the weather.

  • I found an excellent cafe in the main square, where I had an excellent gluten-free cake.
  • I couldn’t find anywhere for a proper meal.
  • There wasn’t even a McDonalds, where I could get my emergency meal of chips and an orange juice.

As I didn’t want to walk round aimlessly in the rain, I went back to the station and caught the 18:38 to Ljubljana.

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From Split To Zagreb

These pictures document the route between Split and Zagreb.


  • It would certainly be a better line to travel on in better weather.
  • Extensive work is progressing to improve the track.
  • There were piles of discarded wooden sleepers everywhere, which were only good for firewood.
  • In some ways the operation of the line was old-fashioned, as the station-master would greet each train as it passed through, even without stopping.
  • The line was a mass of curves, as the train bent one way and then the other.
  • The line is single-track most of the way.
  • It was actually quite crowded, but I was the only passenger in First for all of the journey.
  • There was no buffet open.
  • The last picture shows the impressive Zagreb station.

Incidentally, I’ve just found out that there was a bad crash on this line at Rodine in 2009.

I would certainly travel on the line in the future. But next time, I’ll take some water and a snack.



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Leaving Split

My train left Split at 08:27 and arrived in Zagreb at 14:30.

I was a bit worried, that it might be six hours in a scrapyard special, little better than a Pacer, when this train turned up.

The train incidentally is a Bombardier RegioSwinger tilting train.

We left Split virtually on time, with myself the only passenger in First Class.

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Around And In The Cathedral of Saint Domnius

The Cathedral of Saint Domnius is Split’s catholic cathedral, the earliest part of which is Emperor Diocletian’s mausoleum, which was built in the third century.

This is obviously a genuine Roman Catholic cathedral.

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The Temple Of Jupiter

The Temple of Jupiter was just round the corner from the hotel.

It was well worth a visit and the entrance fee of just over a pound.

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Along The Promenade At Split

Walking alongside the Adriatic reminded me very much of some Southern French towns like Nice or Cannes.

In some ways, I felt a touch sad, as I know that Split would have been a place C would have liked.

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Split Station

Split station is conveniently placed alongside the port and about three hundred metres from Diocletian’s Palace.

This Google Map shows the area.

Split, Port And Station

Split, Port And Station

Note the station to the East of the port, with the railway running North-South and then going into a tunnel under the city.

The station is not very special and except for the Split Suburban Railway and the occasional long-distance train, it is not very busy.

But I was able to buy my ticket with ease, using a person-to-person interface, so that I could leave on time in the morning.

Incidentally, there is a Future Projects section in the Wikipedia entry for the Split Suburban Railway. It says this.

In the near future the underground station Split-Sud is to be opened, connecting to the Hrvatske Bratske Zajednice Square. In 2008 the now closed station Kaštel-Lukšić will be reopened again.The line is expected to get a second track and be fully electrified starting in 2008. New, low-floor trains are expected as well. This line will also be lengthened, to encompass the Split Airport and continue on to the city of Trogir and Seget Donji. Split will have a mini-metro to be operational by 2015.

Nothing seems to have happened yet!

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