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Nairn’s Gluten-Free Porridge

I used to like my porridge as a child, but I found this gluten-free instant one from Nairn’s in Waitrose.

It wasn’t too bad and certainly it was a lot better than the Ready Brek instant porridge, I sometimes had as a child.

I sweetened it with honey.

Incidentally, although it is made in Edinburgh, it uses oats from Wyoming.

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Lunch At The Assiette Anglaise

I got caught in the rain this lunchtime, so retreated to a restaurant, that I’d been meaning to try for some time; the Assiette Anglaise in the Liverpool Road.

Lunch At The Assiette Anglaise

Lunch At The Assiette Anglaise

The picture doesn’t do the confit of duck justice.

It is a restaurant certainly worth a repeat visit.  And they knew their gluten-free too!

The meal was reasonably priced too!

The restaurant  is also ideally placed for the Emirates Stadium and as it opens from nine in the morning on Saturdays, it is an ideal venue for a pre-match meal.  And this can be gluten free if needed.

Every venue needs a nearby restaurant like this!

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C Would Have Laughed At This

When we were in Liverpool in the 1960s, Widnes was the butt of lots of jokes as it had rather a nasty smell.

C Would Have Laughed At This

C Would Have Laughed At This

So to see a block of flats in Islington given the same name made me titter.  C would have laughed like a drain.

But compared to some street names it isn’t the most romantic place to live.

The next door block was called Tranmere.

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White Van Gentlemen

I saw this van in the Holloway Road.

White Van Gentlemen

White Van Gentlemen

But they are parked in the bus lane on an Arsenal match day.

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Chaos In The Balls Pond Road

The roadworks that caused all the problems with the buses, last week are still ongoing. There are no open bus stops and just one narrow lane for the traffic.

One Narrow Lane In The Balls Pond Road

One Narrow Lane In The Balls Pond Road

When I left home this lunchtime, I walked to the next stop, where there was an angry crowd and even angrier drivers trying to get onto the Balls Pond Road.

The diversion on Dove Road was congested and totally inadequate, especially as they were running extra buses as the Overground was closed, so putting a large number of extra passengers on the buses. When I returned later in the afternoon, the problems were made worse, by everybody trying to get to the Emirates to see Arsenal at home to Liverpool.

If they’d wanted to organise chaos, they’d created it, in the best way possible.

I was talking to a bus driver and he blamed Boris, which was a bit unfair.

As my background is project planning and management, I believe this chaos was all down to no co-ordination between the parties involved. The Arsenal match has been in the calendar for months, so surely to do the necessary resurfacing work, on a match day was a bad decision. It was probably costly too, as it meant that all of the chaos, meant that not as much progress as had been hoped was made.

Surely too, the Overground should have been kept open, whilst the road was effectively closed, as this closure imposes extra strains on the road network.

The only good thing about the roadworks, was that I could cross Southgate Road with ease.

A Closed Southgate Road

A Closed Southgate Road

But crossing the Balls Pond Road is difficult for pedestrains, as there are no lights and we’ve been left to our own devices and wits.

No-one seems to have any idea, how long this chaos will go on. Although this notice mentions that Phase 5 ends on the first of December.

I can’t help feeling, that traffic problems in the area would be helped on match days, if the Northern City line was open between Finsbury Park and Moorgate. Perhaps, when Thameslink is fully established this line will get some long-needed improvement.

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Is This The Reason Why You Should Swap To A Small Energy Supplier?

I’ve just been reading this article in The Times about the new energy supplier Ovo.

This is the paragraph, that caught my eye.

Ovo offers only two tariffs and has one structural advantage over its bigger rivals: in common with fellow start-ups such as Ecotricity and First Utility, it doesn’t have to put a government- mandated “green levy” on consumers’ bills because it has fewer than 250,000 customers. That means its customers are exempt from an average surcharge of £112 a year.

So it would seem that by changing to a small supplier, you’ll save over a hundred pounds a year. Obviously, if your chosen small supplier gets bigger than 250,000 customers, you’ll need to change to another small one.

Incidentally, I’m not in favour of green levies, as insulating  houses is the responsibility of the property owner and wind turbines that of the builders! Not me!

This all sounds a good deal to me. I shall be investigating! Especially, as the fixed price deal with my current supplier runs out next year.

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Florence Is Being Destroyed By Tourists

Not my words, but those of Ottaviano de Medici, a direct descendant of the Medicis, who created Italy’s jewel. He is quoted in this article from the Sydney Morning Herald. Here’s the first paragraph.

A descendant of Florence’s famous Medici family said on Tuesday that mass tourism was a “threat” to his native city and called for it to be put on a UNESCO list of endangered areas.

I must admit, I get a bit fed up with tourists, especially in London.  It’s one of the reasons, I’m a member of many of the arts institutions in London, as it means I can bypass queues and crowds, and get invited to special events like this one at the British Museum.

So if I go to Florence or Venice, I always go in the winter, as the threat of cold and wet weather keeps most tourists away.  It was one of the great charms of my visit to Genoa recently, that the city was almost empty.

Tourists may be a curse, but they do bring in money and create employment.  We need to find a balance as to how we charge them for their disruption.

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I Finally Get To Watch A Premier League Football Match On BT Sport

I’ve had BT Sport for about three or four months now!

I’m now sitting at my table, typing at my computer and I’m just about to watch the first Premier League football match on the channel.

The reason, is that normally at this time, I’m travelling to see Ipswich Town, and they played last night.  I could have seen a previous match, but I wasn’t interested, as it featured Norwich.

Newcastle against Chelski, wouldn’t be my choice of a match, but at least I may have the pleasure of seeing the London side lose.

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Art Under Attack

I went to this exhibition at the Tate on Thursday night.

It was the private view for members and the best bit about the exhibition was that you could see all the exhibits well, as there wasn’t many people there.

Or perhaps a lot of members had read the review of the exhibition in the Telegraph. It opens with this paragraph.

When some bright spark at Tate Britain came up with the idea of doing a show about the history of Iconoclasm in this country why wasn’t the plan strangled at birth?

And finishes with this.

This show may have been tripe, but as a nation, we can’t afford not to support the arts.

I didn’t think a lot to it either, but then I’m no expert and I went alone. However, I did leave with the impression, that the lady folded in Allen Jones‘s work called Chair, had an unlikely resemblance to the late Princess Diana. But then she was only eight, at the time the work of art was created.

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Brent Bans Fracking

This story about how Brent Council is going to ban fracking, must be the most silly of the weekend. It’s a bit like me saying, I won’t allow someone like Kate Moss to come round to my house for a cup of tea and some scones. Fracking needing to take place in Brent, is probably just as likely!  Or should that be unlikely?

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