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50% Of All TfL Pay As You Go Journeys Are Now Made Using Contactless Payments.

The title of this post is the same as the title of this article on SmartRailWorld.

This is the first paragraph.

Londoners and visitors to the British capital have embraced the contactless way to pay, with more than 17 million pay as you go journeys on bus, Tube and rail services made a week using the technology according to the latest figures from Transport for London (TfL). This total equates to around half of all pay as you go journeys now being made using contactless payment cards or mobile devices.

The article goes on to say New York and Sydney are going to similar systems.

Can anybody tell me, why other large cities and conurbations in the UK, aren’t installing similar systems based on contactless payments?

Especially, as London ain’t seen nothing yet!

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Fireworks Above My House

I took these pictures through the sky-light above my stairs.

I think they were set off by the pub on the corner.

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Reflections On Surviving Another Year

As I sit here typing at the computer and watching Graham Norton, I can take comfort in surviving another year. Nothing remotely serious happened, although I was badly effected by the incredible heat of the summer, which was made more unbearable by Gerry’s terrible roof.

So the roof and my bathroom are now fixed and 2015 will be the Year of the Kitchen. I’ve already press-ganged a Project Manager and someone to install it, who although he is not reliable, I know will deliver at some point. I also don’t have any communication problems with my schizophrenic other half. I remember Nobby and myself having a discussion about whether all great programmers have two personalities; one to do the programming and one to do the testing. We felt on balance they do!

C and I had some good New Years and some bad ones. I always remember this good one for selfish reasons, but the Millennium was great in Deya. In fact some of the other good ones were totally unplanned and a party or good time just happened. Just as the bad ones did! The worst one was probably, when C died just before Christmas and my advice to anybody in that situation, is to think carefully how you handle that difficult time. Everybody is different and we all respond to the same situation in different ways. So we must make a selfish decision. Something that like me after forty years of living with someone in a great deal of harmony, was not easy.

I did go away to Venice that we loved a couple of months after C died, just to prove I could travel abroad alone. I would advise people to do that! You certainly learn a lot about yourself, when you’re alone in a foreign country.

C had the language skills, the knowledge of food and wine, and I had the camera and I like to think she trusted my practical skills.

A couple is a sentient being with two brains and four of most things, like hands and eyes. Think how many small simple jobs need three hands for a start.

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Is This Going To Be My Worse New Year’s Eve Ever?

I don’t know, but let’s face it the weather doesn’t get any better as the day rumbles on.  When I went to Otto’s Pizzadrome, it wasn’t raining, but when I left God was sending every bit of water,  she could in our direction. As I got the bus home, intrepid tourists from Asia were braving the rain on a tour bus.

Intrepid Tourists

Intrepid Tourists

I can never understand people using tour buses in London, as you get almost as good a view from some of the regular buses, like the 38 with its New Buses for London and the 9 and 15, with its fifty year old Routemasters. And of course you never get wet! Surely someone must have written a book about touring London by Oyster on buses, trains, trams etc.

When I went out an hour or so ago to get a few bits at the littleWaitrose at Highbury Corner, it was still raining madly and I got wet in the short walk to the shop.

So I did the lazy thing and got the first bus I found, which was a 43 going past Carluccio’s at Upper Street, but in the wrong way to get home.

I just had a coffee there and then sneaked down the side of the building to the Essex Road to get a 38 bus home. It was a bit of a detour and it cost me the price of a coffee, but at least I got home in a dryish state.

I doubt, I’ll venture out again, unless it really does stop raining. I have a fish pie, if I need something substantial, but otherwise, I’ve some eggs, bread and a small tin of beans. And of course, plenty of beer and Aspall’s cyder.

So does this look like it’s going to be my worst New Year’s Eve?

I think not! Unless of course, a Jumbo Jet should land on my house or some other serious disaster happens!

I had some pretty bad ones as a child, as my parents didn’t really do New Year, although I did have a couple of good ones in my late teens serving in The Merryhills at Oakwood.  The least said about one evening there, the better!

C generally wasn’t in to New Year either, except when we used to go hunting as a family on New Year’s Day.  We also had some good ones when we managed to get away to places like Majorca or Venice, but  for the last twenty years or so with horses, they usually came first. And a couple of those in particular were pretty grim, as it never stopped raining, and there were masses of horses to muck out and feed.

So on a scale of one to ten, I suspect tonight will be about five, whilst I’ve had a few very low scores in my time.

I hope, I haven’t spoken too soon.

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New Year in the South

Last night, I went to a New Year’s party in South London. Because of the various transport options and the fact that I can’t drive, I decided to take two buses; a 21 to Lewisham and then a 75 onwards towards Croydon. If it hadn’t been New Year, but say a Sunday lunch, I’d have taken the East London Line and walked to and from the stations at both ends.  But in a way, I wanted to prove that someone who has had a stroke can cope with the same problems everybody else has to deal with.

So how did I cope?

The outward run was pretty easy, as I’d done most of the journey on the 21 before. I had thought of taking the East London Line, but I wanted to be sure of the interchange for the return. I did have to wait about fifteen minutes for the 75 at Lewisham and the wait would have been improved if the bus stop had had a proper display announcing the arrival of the buses. I also got off at the wrong stop and had to walk back, but that was my mistake.

Coming home was slightly more difficult and this was mainly due to having to take the N47 to London Bridge from Lewisham rather than my intended 21.  But as there was no information of any sort at Lewisham, I felt that keeping going was a better option than waiting. From London Bridge, northbound buses were thin on the ground and everything was rather crowded, so in the end I got a 43 to just past the Angel and walked home. It wasn’t the best option, but I quite like walking cities at night and always have.  The trip didn’t appear to be too dangerous, with the biggest obvious danger seeming to come from police cars rushing up and down everywhere and some fairly frightening characters on the bus. But no-one bothered me in the least way at all.

So would I do the trip again on a New Year’s Eve?  A lot depends if I get invited to a party again.

But I wouldn’t chose to stay as late again and would probably prefer a train or tube back most of the way.

On the other hand, why miss a good party!

So thanks to all who entertained me last night.

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My Virtual Twin Gets a CBE

Katherine Hamnett and myself were born within a few hours of each other on the same day, so I think of her as some form of unrelated twin.

I’ve just heard her on the radio being asked what was the best thing, she’d done so far and she replied something like “Living” Afer the three years I’ve had, I’ll raise a glass of to that.

So good luck to Katherine and everybody else for that matter as we prepare to say good-bye to 2010, one of the more forgettable years of the last hundred years.

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