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Piers Morgan At The Leveson Enquiry

I’ve been listening to the Leveson Enquiry as Piers Morgan is being questioned

It is fascinating stuff, with words like hook and squirm coming to mind.

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We Need Rebekah’s Law

Popbitch is starting a campagn, so that we can all know if we have any former red-top editors living near us. Here’s the gist.

Rarely does Popbitch get on its soapbox

    but recent events have stirred us up.


    Inspired by the News of the World, we

    demand the right for the public to know

    if there are any ex-News International

    execs living near us.


    As the NOTW once said on its cover

    “Everyone in Britain has a sex offender

    living within one mile of their home”.

    This is surely just as true of ex-

    News of the World editors too.


    And, like Mrs Brooks, we vow to name and

    shame any politician who impedes our

    crusade for tougher laws against

    former red-top editors.


    We need… Rebekah’s Law!


    Come on, join our campaign.

    It’s what she would have wanted.

I’m now getting very much towards feeling that all of this tabloid wrongdoing is all rather irrelevant and that stories like the multiple killings in Stockport and the financial problems in the eurozone are much more important.

I certainly won’t be venturing anywhere near Stockport or Greece in the near future.

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Advertising In The News of the Screws

The Times yesterday published a list of the major advertisers in the News of the Screws since the beginning of the year.

Some of the companies I’ve never heard of, so it just shows what a waste of money some advertising is.

Here are a few points.

  1. Sky spent the most.
  2. The second highest spender was everything everywhere.  Who the hell are they?
  3. The next few were companies like Boots, O2 and P&G, with a few other companies that I don’t use like Proctor and Gamble, Tesco, Asda and Vodafone.
  4. The next was a company called Shop Direct.  See point 2.
  5. Some of the rest were respected companies like BT, Vauxhall, Dixons, B & Q and Unilever.
  6. At the botton was T J Hughes and Specsavers.  The first of these is now bust and the latter probably does better with its TV adverts.

I know I don’t ever read adverts, but you can read what you like into this list.

Some companies advertising  policies really work, as I don’t, know who everything everywhere, Shop Direct and another called Harveys are.  I’m assuming the latter isn’t the sherry maker, as no-one drinks sherry these days.

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Popbitch Was Late This Week

Usually I get Popbitch on a Thursday, but this week’s edition turned up today.

It has an interesting piece on the News of the Screws, which if the story is true, gives a whole new meaning to phone hacking.

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The News of the Screws Screws Itself

The News of the Screws has been a good earner, but after this weekend, it will be no more.

I suppose though, that it will reinvent itself as something like the Sun on Sunday!

I shall not be bothered if we don’t see a replacement.

It’s funny but if you type “news of the screws” into Google, you get the News of the World web site! And and are both registered to News International.

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Is The News of the Screws Too Powerful For Advertisers To Boycott?

I haven’t read the News of the Screws in years.  Advertisers are boycotting the paper because of their hacking of mobile phones.

But is this counter productive and against the best interests of the so-called readers of the paper?  Martin Lewis of Money Saving Expert has said on Radio 5, that he will to continue to write a column for the paper. He stated the reason was that as a crusading journalist, who fights against financial abuse, the best way he can get his message over is in the largest circulation, English language paper in the world. He also said that this week his column would carry a message deploring the hacking.

I admire his stance and understand his point.  After all, if you’re a crusading journalist it matters to you, whether you get your message over or not.

It’s the same with the Central Office of Information, who are one of Britain’s biggest advertisers. Should they pull their advertising of such things as benefits and valuable public information from the paper?  I suspect they should, as probably News of the Screws readers are too stupid to understand it.

It’s a difficult area and I suspect the best solution would be to impose sanctions against the paper, if any wrongdoing is proved.

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