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HS2 And The General Election

In some ways the impact of HS2 on the General Election was more noticeable by its absence. I have only found one serious article  in Rail News, that even discusses the subject. This is the first two paragraphs.

Ahead of the general election campaigners against HS2 made much of the opportunity for opponents to vote for parties that wanted the project scrapped. But the final election results suggest HS2 had little impact.

Only UKIP and the Greens put scrapping HS2 as a core issue in their manifestos. And a lone single-issue candidate also campaigned against HS2 in the Westminster North constituency but came bottom of the poll with 63 votes, or just 0.2 per cent of the total cast.

Ukip are a law unto their own, but why are the Greens against HS2?

I do wonder if HS2 is going through a similar popularity as Crossrail, where parts of London were against the building of the rail link in the early days of the project. Now Londoners seem to be getting enthusiastic about their new railway.

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The Electorate Has Changed

Rod Liddle, in a piece in The Sunday Times yesterday started like this.

The British public are not stupid, then. Everybody else, however, is. The politicians, pundits, commentators, psephoologists, me.

He then gives a series of tales of those who got it wrong.

But I think, on the whole the public have thought that the coalition had done a good job in sorting out the mess. So many people, who I would have thought sensible, said to me that they’d wanted a box on the ballot paper for the coalition. Simplistic maybe, but it shows the inherent conservatism (small c) of much of the British public.

The electorate has changed with each generation since mine, being more likely to get a good education and/or go to University. And at University they learn more than their subject. So we’ve probably got the most politically-educated population ever! They also understand about business and economics.

It is also likely that perhaps ninety percent of people in this country, has a close relative, who is well-educated.

Over the last couple of decades, there has been a massive expansion of the self-employed and ideas, and especially ideas disruptive of large monolithic business have proliferated. How many of the children of the so-called working class, are using their brains to earn money, even if as yet it’s not enough?

But many of this educated generation are ambitious and aspire to be rich.

Much of the offerings from politicians didn’t really stand up, but persuasive arguments from nationalists and little-Englanders appealed to some.

But many people looked at the candidates on offer and then voted with their brains rather than their breeding.

I wonder how many life-long Labour supporters, looked at Miliband’s London-centric left-leaning offering, decided it wasn’t for them and voted for someone else.

MacMillan, Wilson, Thatcher and Blair won elections because they gave the people hope that they would have a better life and might even end up well-off by their own efforts.

Miliband’s message to the aspirational for example, was that if you make a fortune by inventing a better mouse-trap, we’ll tax you to the hilt and steal your pension. Well, not quite like that, but he didn’t promise anything worth working hard for.

And to cast everything in stone, was the sort of thing that we might have done at University in the 1960s, to have a laugh in Rag Week.

No wonder Labour lost!


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The Heaviest Suicide Note In History

When I first saw the EdStone, I thought Miliband had not only fallen off his trolley, but crashed it in a big way and given himself a serious brain injury.

I have just found this article in the Daily Mail, which has the headline of Do you know where Ed’s stone is? Mail offers reward to person who can tell us where Miliband has hidden ‘heaviest suicide note in history’

Ed Miliband doesn’t have enough common sense to run a whelk stall!

At least the electorate, who on average have a lot more intelligence that Miliband, have consigned him and his leadership of the Labour Party to the dustbin of history.

He may have left the Labour Party in such a state, that no sane and sensible person will ever want to lead it voluntarily.

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Farage Gets Kicked In The Nigels!

I don’t like anti-immigrant politicians, as if people like Farage had been in charge in the eighteenth century, I wouldn’t exist in my current form, as two of my ancestors arrived then, and would probably have been left to drown if he had.

So it was with great pleasure that I have seen the odious Farage kicked strongly in the Nigels, by the good voters of Thanet South.

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Will Nick Clegg Become A European Union Commisioner?

A lecturer in politics at Sheffield Hallam University has just said that Nick Clegg will be the next European Union Commisioner.

The BBC says that the lecturer has form for getting things right.

It sounds like a good idea to me and I think it will happen!

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Nick Robinson Has Just Said Ed Balls Is The Cleverest Economist He’s Ever Met

On BBC Breakfast, a few minutes ago, Nick Robinson has just said that Ed Balls is the cleverest economist he’s ever met.

Nick must have met some generally awful ones, if the man who allowed Labour’s left wing philosophy to be put to the electorate, is the best.

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Is Transport Having An Effect?

It’s too early to say for sure, but the LibDems are having a bad time in the North East.

Could the fact that most transport projects seem to be in the North West rather than the North East be having an effect?

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A Rum List Of Candidates

When I went to vote today, there were eleven candidates; three from the major parties, one from a one-issue party and an almost complete spectrum from the ultra-left to the far-but-not-ultra right comprising the remaining seven. Some of the last group would have been certified by some dictators and despots of the past.

One of the candidates didn’t even have a cv. Would you vote for someone, who you know nothing about?

I think the result in this constituency is a foregone conclusion, but isn’t it in hundreds of places.

Democracy is a wonderful thing, but it could be improved a lot!

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The Standard’s Take On The Election

This was yesterday’s front page on the Standard.

The Standard's Take On The Election

The Standard’s Take On The Election

I would like to be voting for a Conservative-Lib Dem Coalition. Steady as she goes!

Seriously though, after looking at the list of candidates, I think I’ll vote for Paul Birch of the Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol Party.

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The Two Big Election Issues The Politicians Aren’t Addressing

The tragedy unfolding off the Libya coast, where hundreds are dying every day as they try to get to Europe is impossible to solve.

We can’t say it’s an Italian problem and put our heads in the sand, as most politicians seem to be doing. Especially, as it seems most of the migrants want to get to Northern Europe and often the UK, where the jobs are.

Suppose we just said that none of these migrants would be let into the UK, as probably the Ukippers would say. How long would it be before the rest of Europe applied policies to get us to accept our fair share?

If on the other hand, we took a selective number, then this would signal to those organising the trade, that there was a good chance you may get residence in the UK.

I haven’t a clue what you do! And neither have the politicians!

I do have some sympathy though for the migrants as three hundred years ago, my two closest male lines; one Jewish and one Huguenot, were welcomed in this country, after escaping from persecution. One was probably a tailor and the other was an engraver, so all they brought was their brains and skills. I don’t know about the Huguenot, but the Jew was probably single and converted to Christianity within a few years, so he could find a lady and get married. My two close female lines are both internal migrants from Devon and Northants. London has always been a magnet for migrants, so nothing has changed.

There is also the problem of Greece going bust, which could happen before our General Election.

It could be argued that it is nothing to do with us, as we’re outside the Euro zone!

But then we have a strong economy and a country where there are a lot of Greeks.

Certainly, if I was a Greek engineer living in Athens with a cousin in London, my savings would have been long gone.

I do wonder how much of the Greek bailout money ended up safely invested outside of Greece.

So we may not lose money, but we are probably going to suffer some collateral damage. Especially, if the various financial institutions want their money back!

It will not be as serious a problem as the Libyan migrants, but where are the politicians heads on this one?

Deep in the sand!

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