The Anonymous Widower

My Unusual Feet

My feet are often a red colour, as is shown in these pictures.


  1. It’s always the left that’s the reddest.
  2. They often itch, which I usually can cure with lots of Body Shop Hemp Foot Cream.
  3. I have no hard skin on my feet.
  4. I used to suffer badly from plantar fasciitis, but the foot cream seems to have stopped it.

Yesterday, I went to Liverpool on the train.

No problems, but this morning when I got out of bed and pulled my right calf muscle. Not badly as I was able to cure it with a bit of light massage and a hot bath.

I also found that in twenty-four hours, I’d lost nearly a kilo and my left foot was very red.

This is not the first time, I’ve had troubles after travelling on Class 390 trains. In another incident my left hand stopped working. That ended up with an overnight stay in hospital.

I’m no medic, but I do wonder, if I have a very leaky skin. I’ve mused on this before in My Unusual Body.

But does it let water molecules through, but the larger red corpuscles in my blood can’t get out, so my skin looks red?

Could it also explain, why I never need a plaster for an injection or when a blood sample is taken? Perhaps, the skin just parts for the needle and then closes after it’s taken out, so that the blood doesn’t leak.

To return to the Class 390 trains, I just wonder if their air-conditioning is set, so that the temperature and humidity is just right to suck the water out of my body. I certainly don’t get any problems on InterCity 225s, Hitachi AT-300 trains or Stadler Class 745 trains.


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