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It Never Rains But It Pours

After my brief escapade into hospital last week, I thought everything was better.

But now I learn, that my penis implant has failed.  Apparently, the piece of broom handle that was used  has got wordworm and has now collapsed. The French surgeon, who did the job at great expense can’t be traced and the NHS doesn’t want to know.

I’ve talked to Cuprinol and they have no idea what I should do.  If anybody has any idea, please reply to this post.

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£43,000 For Breast Enlargements

I had to have a chuckle at this story in the Standard last night, with a headline of, Swindler faked death in £43,000 scam to give his wife bigger breasts.

He’s now in Bangkok with yet another wife.

As it was a benefits fraud that paid for the breast operation, do we get our money or the implants back?

The treadmill and the crank were made for this man, as he would apear to be a serious danger to women, the country and probably himself as well.

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Has Anybody Looked at the Harlery Medical Group Website?

You wouldn’t think this was the website of a ompany with a bit of a problem and especially as the site is still advertising for new punters.

One interesting thing is that typing Harley Medical Group into Google, the first entry you find is a firm of solicitors.

I also found this article on the Daily Mail’s website. So was the head of the firm advising how to smarten up NuLabor’s image? Probably not, but it just shows how high-profile Harley Medical Group was.

But not in the same way as now!

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It Isn’t Just the PIP Implants To Blame

The third leader in The Times yesterday was a reasoned one on the scandal of the PIP implants.

It started by saying that those hospitals and clinics that fitted them should rectify the problem. It also said that the NHS and eight cosmetic surgery groups would replace the implants without charge.

The leader then said this.

But even in this mire, one private clinic stands out for the audacity with which it is abdicating its responsibility to its patients. The Harley Medical Group, which was responsible for fitting PIP implants to almost 14,000 of the 40,000 British women who received them, is refusing to replace the now banned implants without further charge. Doing so, it says, would put it out of business.

But what is Harley doing?  Absolutely nothing except protesting it wasn’t their fault, but one of the regulatory authorities.  I should say, that I’ve heard of the Harley Medical Group, as has everybody who uses escalators on the London Underground. I should say, that their adverts haven’t been there for some months.

It would be interesting to see a report on finances of the Harley Medical Group, by a reputable forensic accountant.

As an aside here, according to a doctor on BBC Breakfast, a proper breast implant costs £16,000.  So if Harley fitted implants to 14,000 women, that works out at  £448 million pounds to sort out the problem. The Times has a lesser figure of £40 million, bt also states that Harley only made a small profit last year.

So why should the NHS and ultimately the taxpayer pay for the patient’s vanity? And stupidity for going to Harley?

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A Quick Calculation

A doctor has just said that each faulty breast implant replacement will cost about £16,000

If there are 40,000 faulty implants in the UK, that works out at £640 million

My wife died of a rare cancer and that money spent on cancer research would help a lot more people and not just the vain and the stupid!

If you feel strongly about this, there’s an e-petition on the government’s web site.

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It Appears There’s No Breast Implant Database

For every car my father owned, he kept a book in which he wrote all the service details and modifications he made.  He was typical of many in the 1950s and 1960s, who looked after all details of their cars.

Nowadays we don’t do that, but if  you buy a vehicle these days and have it serviced properly, everything is recorded on a computer database. And when you buy a second hand car, you can usually have access to this data to check, you’re not buying a ringer.

According to a letter in The Times today from the president of the Royal College of Surgeons, there is no such requirement for comprehensive details to be kept on breast implants and other cosmetic surgical procedures. However, the letter states that for joint replacements, there is a very successful National Joint Registry, that is analysed to detect problems before they become serious.

Why is there no registry for breast implants and cosmetic surgery? Obviously, such a registry would put up the cost of the surgery! If this discouraged the vane idiots, it might not be a bad idea, but I suspect it wouldn’t as they’d just go somewhere outside of the reach of the registry.

It would appear that many of us take better care of our cars than our bodies!

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More On Those French Breast Implants

The phone-in on Radio 5, this morning was all about the failing French breast implants.  I’ve made my views clear before and my views haven’t changed.

As the phone-in proceeded, two thoughts occurred to me.

In the first place, if I do something that is dangerous, like driving a car or flying in an aeroplane, it is prudent to insure myself in case anything goes wrong.

Having an operation is a dangerous business, especially in a non A&E Hospital.  A friend had a hip transplant privately in a good private clinic, but it all went wrong and he died. The general feeling is that if he’d had the same operation in the local hospital with A&E, he would have survived.

So before you have an operation, you should have insurance in case it all goes wrong! For most operations done by the NHS, this is the case. Another friend had a hip transplant that failed in I think Addenbrooke’s, so it was replaced and the second one is much better.

Judging by many of the women who spoke this morning, many had their implants inserted in clinics, where profit was the motive, not good care. Some can’t even have been that good, as they have now folded.  But where is the insurance? Obviously, the patients didn’t check what would happen if all went wrong.  But I suppose proper insurance, would have meant that the   operation would have been too expensive.

The other thought occurred to me, when a doctor on the programme, said that implants of any sort, only rarely rupture.

C never had any form of plastic surgery, but she did have breast cancer.

It is interesting to note, how she might have got breast cancer. She had a Mercedes coupe, which could not be described as anything but a quality car. She was hit by another vehicle and the air-bag deployed as it should.

It left her with a large and deep bruise on her left breast.

And where did she get the cancer? In the same place as the bruise. She mentioned this to her oncologist and he said that he’d seen this sort of thing before.  I also searched the Internet and found women who claimed their breast cancer occurred, where they had been hit hard by a tennis ball.

So when a doctor claims that a breast implant can’t rupture, I’m dubious!

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Why Should I Pick Up The Tab For The Vanity or Stupidity of Others?

It looks like the French breast implants are not fit for purpose and that the French government will pay for their removal according to this report.

The report also says that there are up to 40,000 women with these implants in the UK and 250 have already contacted their lawyers.

Obviously, there are two classes of women, who have plastic surgery on their breasts; those that have suffered from breast cancer or perhaps an accident and the vane.

I don’t see why I should pay for any rectification surgery for the latter.  After all they were stupid enough to have the operation in the first place and should accept the consequences.

The NHS is the National Health Service and those that bring problems on themselves should make an extra contribution.

C once did a divorce for a plastic surgeon.  He told her, never to underestimate peoples’ vanity.  He didn’t bother, as it made him a fair amount of money and enabled him to do operations that mattered on cancer and accident victims and children with birth defects.

In the current case it would appear that in the end, the real winners will be the lawyers.  Just as they were in this other case.

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I Hope Pippa Middleton Is On Commission!

According to that organ of the sex-mad from Tunbridge Wells, the Daily Telegraph, Pippa Middleton’s derriere has inspired a plastic surgery boom in the United States according to this article.

What do they do with all the fat they remove? Perhaps they use it in fast food restaurants. After all there was an enormous fatberg outside an American-owned one in Leicester Square.

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