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Is This Another Line For A Great Western Railway IPEMU?

Nothing much has happened since I wrote Rumours Of Battery Powered Trains, which said that a report had appeared in Modern Railways saying that Great Western Railway was looking at Class 387 IPEMUs.

But I did find this article on the Get Reading web site entitled Green Park Station may open without any trains stopping there.

Apparently, the problem is that diesel multiple units can’t accelerate fast enough to keep to the schedule with the stop at Reading Green Park station, but electric ones can.

As it appears the wires won’t go up in time for the station’s opening of 2018, then the trains won’t be electric.

Unless of course an IPEMU could stick to the schedule. It would certainly have a lot of power in the battery, as Reading to Basingstoke must be less than twenty miles and it’s electrified at both ends.

The line is a classic for use of IPEMU technology.


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The Reading To Basingstoke Line

The Reading to Basingstoke Line, which also leads to the Reading to Taunton Line, goes off in a southerly direction from the Great Western Main Line, to the west of Reading station.

The pictures show the junction. I was surprised to see that electrification has already started on this line. According to this announcement in 2009, electriofication will go as far as Newbury and Basingstoke.

This Google Earth image shows the junction and the Reading to Basomgstoke line as it goes south and passes within a good walking distance of the Madejsk Stadium. There are plans for a new station here called Reading Green Park. Wikipedia says that if approved by the council this year, it could be opened by 2017.

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Works Around Reading

There is still a lot of work going on at Reading.

The main work, which is the viaduct is now substantially complete except possibly fdor electrification. But this is going on all round the area, between Slough and Didcot.

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Match Thirty-Two – Ipswich 0 – Reading 1

This was one of those matches that contributed to a tiresome day. It started by having to go to Ipswich via Billericay and a coach.

Ah! Billericay!

Ah! Billericay!

Reading scored one of those goals and then sat back and defended – Game Over!

Coming home was much worse, as I was dropped into the organised chaos at Liverpool Street.

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Match Two : Reading 1 – Ipswich 0

After the Fulham match this was a disappointment in many ways.

But the visit to Reading started well with this greeting from the structural steelwork of the station.

Steelwork At Reading Station

Steelwork At Reading Station

I had wanted to have a delicious egg and watercress sandwich from Marks and Spencer, but their stores in both Paddington and Reading stations were gluten-free free zones. Or at least as sandwiches were concerned!

The Police on duty at the station didn’t know where to get the buses to the Madejsky stadium, so in the end I guessed.  And luckily right! The Police did say they weren’t from Reading, but surely they should be briefed on basic questions.

When I got to the stadium, I was at least met by these bikes.

Ready Bikes

Ready Bikes

The name of Ready Bike is certainly memorable and there’s more here.

In the stadium I was treated to the worst cup of hot chocolate I’ve ever had.

A Very Bad Cup Of Hot Chocolate

A Very Bad Cup Of Hot Chocolate

I have the same drink at Ipswich and they make sure it’s all mixed up. They are obviously berks in Berkshire, when it comes to making hot chocolate.

They also expected me to climb to the top of the back of the stand.

Wot No Handrails!

Wot No Handrails!

Surely there should be some form of handrail! I did climb up and down without any trouble.

Throughout the match we had to put up with the worse public address system,I’ve not heard in a long time. They also weren’t putting up things like substitutions on the big screen.

The match was the final disappointment in that Ipswich lost to a single goal scored after a bad mistake by David McGoldrick.

Let’s hope it’s all a lot better on Tuesday in Birmingham.

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On Line Rail Tickets Aren’t Always Cheapest

I’m going to Reading today to see Ipswich play Reading at the Madejski Stadium. It is one of the easiest out-of-town stadia to get to, as there is a bus service from the main Reading station.

I live about a ten minute walk away from Dalston Junction station on the Overground.

They have recently updated the ticket machines there, so you can buy any point to point ticket for use on the day or the next one after 16:00.

So yesterday, I would my ticket for Reading today at Dalston Junction station. As I have a Freedom Pass, which gives me free travel to any station within the Zone 6 Boundary, I was able to buy a ticket from the machine that took me from the Zone 6 Boundary to Reading. Previously to this clever machine appearing on the Overground, the only way to buy this extension ticket was to go to a Ticket Office and queue for often twenty minutes or so.

Zone 6 Boundary to Reading Ticket

Zone 6 Boundary to Reading Ticket

The ticket cost me £7.40 with my Senior Railcard.

That seemed cheap to me, so this morning I looked at the First Great Western web site, to see how much they’d charge.

It would have cost me £11.70.

Was the ticket machine programmed by a senior citizen with a Freedom Pass or just somebody, who understood how holders of such passes think and behave!

I suspect though that over a season buying my London to Ipswich tickets at an Overground station, might save me nearly a hundred pounds.

The only problem for some people will be that their local Overground or Underground station doesn’t have these new ticket machines.

But as they are so comprehensive and surely every non-London ticket sold is revenue to Transport for London, it can’t be long before these are the universal ticket machines in London.

The only thing they don’t do is to issue Oyster cards, which is probably not needed, as they will probably not be needed for ticketing at some point in the next few years.

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