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Activists Cheer As ‘Sexist’ Tampon Tax Is Scrapped

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

This is the first two paragraphs.

The 5% rate of VAT on sanitary products – referred to as the “tampon tax” – will be abolished in the UK from 1 January.

EU law required members to tax tampons and sanitary towels at 5%, treating period products as non-essential.

My late wife; C had very strong views about this and I suspect that my late mother and my granddaughter would share C’s views.

Is this a glimpse of the future, where when we feel European Union policy is wrong, we can diverge?

It would certainly be a good test of unfair policy by the UK government, if the EU objected and tried to stop us removing the tax.

At least smugglers, who decided to switch from smuggling drugs and other nasties to  sanitary products would be doing something that caused less harm!

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Illegal Cigarettes On The Rise

According to this article in the Metro, the amount of illegal cigarettes smoked has risen by a third and is now costing the Exchequer about £2 billion pounds a year.

Perhaps, we should make it a criminal offence to smoke illegally smuggled cigarettes.

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Are You Eating Smuggled Garlic?

I hadn’t realised that the EU puts a limit and an import tax on garlic, ostensibly to protect farmers in the Community.

But then I read this story on the BBC web site.

I suppose that smuggling garlic is not as morally offensive as smuggling drugs or tobacco!

I don’t think too, that even eating garlic to excess will kill you!

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