The Anonymous Widower

Breaking Bad News WIth Style And Dignity

The Reverend John Graham is one of Britain’s leading crossword puzzle setters. As reported on the BBC web site, he used one of his own puzzles to announce that he is dying of cancer.

What a dignified and stylish way to break bad news!

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Free Wi-Fi In Marks And Spencer

I had a cup of tea in the new Marks and Spencer in New Change in the City today and they have free wi-fi.

Free Wi-Fi In Marks And Spencer

Free Wi-Fi In Marks And Spencer

Although, you do need to sign up to something called The Cloud. I just did on my home machine and it doesn’t seem to onerous.

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Pizza Hut Go Gluten Free

I heard they had and I saw this menu in a window in the City today.

Pizza Hut Go Gluten Free

Pizza Hut Go Gluten Free

note the note about gluten-free bases at the top right. It’s here on their web site. As I found it through an advert places in Google, when I searched for “Pizza Hut gluten free”, I think they must be serious about it. They also say this about their gluten-free bases.

A light, square, gluten-free dough, perfect for those who want to avoid wheatflour or for trailblazers who love to try something different! 

It l0oks like the Marketing Department has got behind this menu enhancement.

I shall try one in a few days. But if this is to be universal, it does help to solve the gluten-free desert problem.

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Marks And Spencer Go Dutch

The instructions on my dinner tonight from Marks and Spencer are in English, French and surprisingly Dutch.

Does that mean their food shops are going to The Netherlands and/or Belgium?

This old news item in the Independent confirms that they are looking in The Hague and Rotterdam.

But then the CEO of Marks and Spencer is Dutch! Is that a form of nepotism to open in your own country?

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The National Portrait Gallery Was Quiet

There has been a lot of criticism of the new portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge. Here‘s the Independent’s view.

So I went to have a look this morning.

The National Portrait Gallery Was Quiet

The National Portrait Gallery Was Quiet

The gallery wasn’t busy and I was able to see the portrait by myself just after ten.

It was alright I suppose, but it was the sort of painting, that was made for a biscuit tin or a chocolate box.  In some ways, it was too photographic, and as I like photographs for portraits I slipped into the Taylor Wessing Photgraphic Portrait Prize, to see some good ones.

I was not disappointed and the exhibition was well worth the two pound entrance.

As to Her Highness’s portrait, I’ll give a final verdict, when I see it on a tin.

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Marks And Spencer Give Out Fivers

I sometimes get cash out of the machine in the side of Marks and Spencer at The Angel.

The last twice, it has given me a large number of fivers.

So that’s where they all are!

The machine was still at it on the 15th January.

Marks And Spencer Give Out Fivers

Marks And Spencer Give Out Fivers

Note the warning notice!

The notes were as tatty and old as the cash machine, but no-one has rejected any so far.

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I Don’t Watch Long Films

Some of the films released now are overly long.  Skyfall at just under two and a half  hours was probably my limit.

But Les Miserables is just under three hours, as is The Hobbit and Django Unchained.

I always look at the duration of a film and if it’s too long I don’t go.

Tom Brook is discussing the trend here.

In some ways though, I wonder if long films are also a turn-off for cinemas, as they must restrict the number of shows and therefore the number of paying punters.

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Are You Eating Smuggled Garlic?

I hadn’t realised that the EU puts a limit and an import tax on garlic, ostensibly to protect farmers in the Community.

But then I read this story on the BBC web site.

I suppose that smuggling garlic is not as morally offensive as smuggling drugs or tobacco!

I don’t think too, that even eating garlic to excess will kill you!

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Puppies Will Be Puppies

Another story from the BBC web site, shows that puppies love to chew anything they can get their teeth into.

The worst dog, we ever had for chewing was a dachshund, that really liked C’s expensive shoes.

But then so many of these short-legged German terriers, are itching to start World War 3.  She was also very racist and would immediately take on any black dog, who walked past her. Even a friend’s Doberman was frightened of her. Luckily, she didn’t have the same feelings for black people.

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Fatal Blow For John Lewis Store At Sprucefield

This is the headline over a report on the BBC web site. It concerns the political arguments about John Lewis opening a department store in Northern Ireland.

Personally, I think they would be very brave to do it, given the stupid fuss being created by so-called Loyalists about the flying of flags.

The article does suggest John Lewis might open in the Republic.  Now that would probably be a sounder business decision, as the only organised violence there generally happens at places like Croke Park and the Aviva Stadium.

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