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A Walk Around Barnes Bridge – 28th July 2022

After writing A New Garden Bridge Proposed For London, I had to go and visit.

So I went this afternoon and took these pictures.

After arrival at Barnes Bridge station, I walked along the river had a drink in a pub before retracing my steps and taking a train back to Waterloo.

These are my observations and thoughts.

Access To The Country-Bound Platform

The access is not good at present, as it is up and down a steep set of steps.

But it does appear that there is space to improve things.

In A New Garden Bridge Proposed For London, I indicated that it might be possible to connect the platform directly to the new garden bridge. That certainly looks possible and I suspect that a lift could be incorporated.

The Walkway On The Downstream Side Of The Bridge

This walkway was being used by walkers and cyclists.

It is connected to the London-bound platform, by means of two sets of stairs.

I Walked Along The Bank Of The River To A Pub

All I needed was a drink and I got one.

If you walk the other way, there is an excellent Rick Stein restaurant.

Access To The London-Bound Platform

The access is better than to the other platform, but it needs improvement.


I believe that a good architect could squeeze in step-free access to both platforms and have good connections to the proposed garden bridge and the existing walkway.


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A New Garden Bridge Proposed For London

This article on Ian Visits is entitled Plans Open A Disused Railway Bridge To Pedestrians.

This is the introductory paragraph.

A section of the Thames with few bridges could become a lot easier for pedestrians and cyclists to cross if plans to convert a disused railway bridge for pedestrian use go ahead.

The disused railway bridge to be used is the original 1849 Barnes Railway Bridge, which was closed to trains, when a new stronger bridge was built alongside in 1890.

This Google Map shows the two bridges.


  1. The railway tracks in the centre on the 1890 three-arch bridge.
  2. The Thames flows from South-West to North-East under the bridge.
  3. A walkway on the North-Eastern side of the is still in use.
  4. The original 1849 bridge is on the South-Western side of the bridge.

The pedestrian garden bridge will be built on the 1849 bridge, which will be refurbished.

This second Google Map shows the bridge and Barnes Bridge station.


  1. Barnes Bridge in the North-West corner of the map.
  2. Barnes Bridge station in the South-East corner of the map.

Part of the plan envisages connecting the South-Western platform to the pedestrian garden bridge.

It looks a plan with a lot of good possibilities.

The Project

It appears that Network Rail, the London Boroughs of Richmond and Hounslow are all supportive and Moxon Architects have been appointed to the project.

The project now appears to be called The View at Barnes Bridge and it has an impressive web site, with lots of information and pictures.

I have a few thoughts.

I Am Not Surprised That Network Rail Are Supportive

Network Rail must be pleased to be getting a Grade II Listed structure off their hands.

Could Barnes Bridge Station Be Made Step-Free?

I suspect that Moxon will produce designs for this and it will probably be a question of money, if they are implemented.

But as the garden bridge will attract more visitors, this will surely increase the need for full step-free access at Barnes Bridge station.

Could A Refurbished Bridge Carry Utilities?

I suspect that this will be looked at, as it could be a nice little earner.

Could This Project Be An Example Of a Levelling-Up Project?

In my travels around the UK and Europe, I’ve seen several disused railway bridges that could be reused as footbridges to provide walking and cycling.

Many are being converted, but this high-profile bridge could inspire architects to create other worthwhile bridges.




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