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Can ‘Enhanced Rock Weathering’ Help Combat Climate Change?

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

This is the sub-heading.

In a quarry surrounded by the din of heavy machinery Jim Mann crouches down and picks up a handful of tiny black rocks.

These three sentences introduce Jim and his magic dust.

“This is my magic dust,” he says with a smile, gently rubbing them between his fingers.

He’s holding pieces of basalt. It’s a hard volcanic rock that is neither rare nor particularly remarkable.

But through a process known as ‘enhanced rock weathering’ it could help to cool our overheating planet.

This Google Map shows Orrock Quarry, where the basalt is mined.

The article then gives a simple explanation of enhanced rock weathering.

When one of the companies, I’d backed won a green design award it was presented by David Bellamy. I remember having a very radical conversation with him, about some of the projects, where he’d been an advisor.

Some might have dismissive views about Jim Mann’s work as being too good to be true, but when I see the chemistry, I suspect,I’ll find it to be sound.

It would be a very interesting process to mathematically model!

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