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‘Spaceport In A Box’ To Launch UK’s First Rocket From Home Turf

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on The Times.

This is the sub-heading.

A British company’s mobile spaceport can send satellites into orbit from anywhere in the world. Its initial blast-off point is Unst

These are some more points from the article and myself.

The UK Has Never Sent A Rocket Into Space From Home Turf

Our satellites have always been launched from French Guinea, Kazakhstan or the United States.

Spaceport In A Box

The mobile launch system which can be packed into a dozen shipping containers and taken anywhere in the world.

Launch From Unst

Unst is the most northerly of the Shetland Islands and is an ideal location for polar launches.

It Will Be Very Difficult To Compete With SpaceX On Price

This is because SpaceX launch up to a hundred satellites a time on a huge rocket.

Skyrora Can Provide Precise Launches

Skyrora claim to be able to launch a single satellite at great precision. As a Control Engineer, I think that is possible.

100,000 Satellites By 2030

This figure will include a large number of UK-built satellites.

So why shouldn’t we have our own launch technology.

Sixteen Launches Per Year

Skyrora are talking of this number of launches per year from Unst.


This is a well-thought out project.

Read the article in The Times.

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Shetland Blasts Off Into Space Race As Britain’s First Rocket Launch Pad Skyrora

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on The Times.

This second paragraph, explains what Skyrora are doing.

Skyrora, a technology company with its headquarters in Edinburgh, has agreed a deal for scores of rocket launches over the next decade from a site on Unst, the most northerly of the Shetland islands.

This Google Map shows the most Northerly part of Unst.

There’s not really much there, except birds, trees and the most northerly house in Britain.

Enlarging to the West of the house, gives this second Google Map.

Note the Remote Radar Head Saxa Vord, which has a Wikipedia entry as RAF Saxa Voe.

  • It is now a fully-operational radar station again, after closure in 2006.
  • It is at the same latitude as St. Petersburg and Anchorage.
  • In 1992, it measured a wind speed of 197 mph, before the equipment blew away.

The Wikipedia entry is worth a read, as it gives a deep insight into radar and its tracking of Russian intruders in the Cold War.

This third Google Map shows a 3D closeup of the radar.

No staff are based at Saxa Vord, although maintenance staff do visit.

According to The Times, the space port will be at Lamba Ness, which is to the East of the most northerly house in Britain.

The peninsular in the South-East is marked Lamba Ness.

It may seem a very bleak place, but it could have one thing, that rocketry will need – rocket fuel!

In Do BP And The Germans Have A Cunning Plan For European Energy Domination?, I introduced Project Orion, which is an electrification and hydrogen hub and clean energy project in the Shetland Islands.

The project’s scope is described in this graphic.


  1. Project Orion now has its own web site.
  2. A Space Centre is shown on the Island of Unst.
  3. There is an oxygen pipeline shown dotted in blue from the proposed Sullom Voe H2 Plant to the Fish Farm and on to the Space Centre.
  4. I suspect if required, there could be a hydrogen pipeline.

The Space Centre on Unst could be fuelled by renewable energy.

Who Are Skyrora?

They have a web site, which displays this mission statement.

Represents a new breed of private rocket companies developing the next generation of launch vehicles for the burgeoning small satellite market.

The Times also has this paragraph.

At the end of last year, the company also completed trials of the third stage of its Skyrora XL rocket, including its orbital transfer vehicle which, once in orbit, can refire its engines 15 times to carry out tasks such as acting as a space tug, completing maintenance or removing defunct satellites.

The company seems to have big ambitions driven by innovation and a large range of ideas.


I shall be following this company.


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