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Between Liverpool Street And Wimbledon Park Stations

This morning, after I’d finished walking to Liverpool Street station, I took the new route to Wimbledon Park station.

  • Liverpool Street to Whitechapel on the Hammersmith & City Line.
  • Whitechapel to Wimbledon Park on a District Line train.

The change at Whitechapel was just a walk across the wide platform.

I have rarely gone between Whitechapel and Wimbledon on the District Line and this was one of the first times since the 4LM (Four Lines Modernisation) project  has been well under way.

The difference showed in the station dwell times, with only four stops taking more than thirty seconds from brakes on to brakes off.

  • Victoria, Sloane Square and South Kensington still took under a minute.
  • But Earl’s Court took a lengthy six minutes.

This map from shows the stations.


  1. The stations are all close together.
  2. There are some complicated junctions.
  3. The District Line splits into two to the West of Earl’s Court station.

This section will be challenging to any signalling system.

It works out that the average dwell time between Whitechapel and Wimbledon is around fifty seconds.


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Wimbledon Park Station – 27th August 2021

Wimbledon Park station has now gone step-free so I went to have a look.

Note how the lift has been squeezed in neatly alongside the staircase.

I suspect this lift layout can be copied at a lot of stations.

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Wimbledon Park Station To Be Made Step Free

These pictures show Wimbledon Park station.

The stairs are very bad at this station and as it is an island platform, only one lift would be needed.

To illustrate the poor quality of the access, as I sent down the stairs, a passenger was helping a mother get her baby in a pushchair up the stairs.

The station is a disgrace!

No wonder Transport for London are making the station, step-free.

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Tube Stations To Be Made Step-Free

This article on City AM is entitled London Mayor Sadiq Khan Names The Next 13 Tube Stations Going Step-Free.

They are.

These are in addition to these stations, which are already in the pipeline for step-free access.

As the City AM article reports that the new thirteen station will cost £200 million to upgrade, there is around £300 million of work to9 be done in total.

Perhaps some of the contracts will go the companies hit by Carillion’s failure!



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