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With the post about Droyt, I felt I should put up some of the pictures I took of Belarus.

I’d actually gone there to see England play football and thoroughly enjoyed the trip.  The people were friendly, there was absolutely no trouble and we were blessed with some very good weather.  England won too!

Holocaust Memorial - Minsk, Belarus

Holocaust Memorial – Minsk, Belarus

This memorial was tucked away in a quiet park behind the hotels.  Strangely, you can’t find much about it on the Internet, except for a small article about how it was vandalised in 2006.

Afghan Veterans Memorial, Minsk

Afghan War Widows Memorial, Minsk

This memorial to the widows of the Afghan War was built some time after the war actually ended.  The war doesn’t fit well in Russian history, but it made a serious mark on it.

English Wreath on the Cenotaph, Minsk

English Wreath on the Victory Memorial, Minsk

This wreath was laid by England supporters and the ceremony was totally unreported in any English newspapers.  I did manage to find a reference in a Belarusian News Agency and there is a bit on the British Embassy web site.

But then there was no trouble and newspapers have their stereotypes.

This is a getting to be a sombre series of pictures, so here’s one of the beautiful girls of Minsk.

Girls of Minsk

Girls of Minsk

There were so many and all were very well-turned out. But then one of their problems is that they outnumber the men considerably.

Minsk is also blessed with large numbers of street statues.

Street Status in Minsk

Street Statue in Minsk

None seemed to credit any of the sculptors.  I always like sculpture in preference to painting, I suspect because one of my uncles was a serious one.  He though, knew of the difficulties of making it a career, so he was earned his living as an engineer.  But a good one!

At Belarus England in Minsk

At Belarus England in Minsk

Note the police, who were friendly like everybody in Minsk.  There was no trouble at all.  And England won.

One day, I’ll go back to Belarus.  Perhaps in the Lotus.

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