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Left and Right, Up and Down

Of all the roads in England, few are as notorious for a good burn-up as the A68, that runs from the Scottish Border to Darlington.  It’s up and over a blind summit, then fast left, fast right or possibly both.  In places you can see the road stretching several kilometres in the distance.

Yesterday, as I returned from Scotland, the road was pretty empty except for a couple of wagons and a few cars, so it was great fun.  And safe too, as if you drive the road properly in good visibility and fairly dry conditions, you have no problems unless you take some of the blind summits too fast.

As I said in the related post on Taking the High Road, it’s the sort of road for which Elans were built!

I have rather an affection for the A68 as several times I drove it on the way to see the first Metier customer, Ferranti, in Edinburgh.  In those days though, it wasn’t in an Elan.  But there weren’t any speed cameras!

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