The Anonymous Widower

Around the World in 33 Days

Well not quite thirty-three days, but a give or take a night or two, that is how long I’ll take to go round the world.

The purpose includes the following.

  • I need a holiday and want to have some fun and relaxation.
  • I want to see a few old friends.
  • I want to take pictures of any old Heidelberg printing machines, still working.
  • I want to talk to various people about my new project management system.

The last reason is probably not as serious as the others, as I don’t need the money and the hassle.  But if I can find the model that makes the software sell and get market share, then I’ll go for it like a rat up a drain pipe!

So what is the route?

Stop 1 – Hong Kong – Arrive Wednesday, May 12th at 16:05

I need to break the journey and what better place than Hong Kong.  I will probably stay in the Mandarin Oriental.  My late wife and I always did and it’s worth every penny.

Stop 2 – Melbourne – Arrive Saturday, May 15th at 06:15

Of all the major cities in the greater south-east of Australia, Melbourne is the only one I haven’t visited. I suppose I haven’t visited Canberra either, but then my Aussie friends say it isn’t worth it.

I also want to play real tennis in the city and see the sights.  I’m also going to see some old Metier mates.

Stop 3 – Brisbane – Arrive Tuesday, 18th May at 14:15

Seeing an old mate that I’ve never met!  We’ll talk about Artemis, Metier and the new project management system.

Stop 4 – Hawaii – Arrive Friday, 21st May at 09:25

Now I’ve never been to Hawaii, but it looks like a place that is worth a stopover as I make my way across the Pacific.  I also want to visit Pearl Harbor.  After all, I’ve stood on the dock at Taranto, where the Fleet Air Arm proved the concept for the Japanese.  Read the Attack on Taranto by Lowry and Wellham for more details. Note that the book is an American publication.

Stop 5 – San Francisco – Arrive Monday, 24th May at 20:35

I’ll probably spend a day or so in San Francisco and then it will be a mix of trains, plains and automobiles across the United States until I get to the other side at Boston.

The first leg is planned to be a drive to Las Vegas

Stop 6 – Las Vegas – Arrive Thursday, 27th May

I was in the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, when I heard about the massacre at the real Luxor in Egypt.  To me it has the ultimate bad-taste that sums up Vegas to me.  I don’t gamble, except occasionally on horses, so it will be a short stay.

Stop 7 – Route 66/Grand Canyon – Arrive Friday 28th May

There are places in this area that I want to visit again, like the Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, Route 66, the meteor crater at Winslow and the ruins of the pueblas.

Stop 8 – Phoenix – Arrive Saturday 29th May

Phoenix is somewhere I’ve been before but only for a change of flights.

Stop 9 – Houston – Arrive Monday 31st May

This will be a flight from Phoenix, probably getting in around lunchtime.

Stop 10 – New Orleans – Arrive Thursday 3rd June

I’ve never been to New Orleans, so I’ll drive from Houston.

Stop 11 – Washington – Arrive Sunday 6th June

A flight here to the capital.

Stop 12 – New York – Arrive Tuesday 8th June

I’ll probably take the train.

Stop 13 – Boston – Arrive Friday 11th June

I’ll probably drive from New York, going slowly from New York.

Stop 14 – London- Leave Boston on Saturday, 12th June at 21:30

And then it’s back to London.

This will get filled out as the time unfolds.

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