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I Don’t Like The Colour

Lamborghinis should be in a stand-out colour.

I remember a friend had a car in a similar colour and it was always getting damaged, as other drivers didn’t see it.

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An MG Y-Type

On Bank Holiday Monday, in my travels along the Crouch Valley Line, I ended up at Quay Day at Burnham-on-Crouch.

I took these pictures of an MG Y-Type.

It is an example of the EARLIEST car owned by MY father that I can remember

I can still remember the number, which was BNH 368.

Incidentally, my father had owned several MGs, both before and after the Second World War. The last two MGs were both ZA Magnettes; TNK 663 AND 676 RME.

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The Vehicle Hire Loophole

It is being reported that the car that was used as a murder weapon yesterday was a hire car from Birmingham.

Let’s suppose a country has elected a President, who is against opposition, women, the gay community, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and dogs.

Inevitably, a large demonstration will happen in Trafalgar Square.

So the President sends a hitman to hire a suitable vehicle to cause as much death and destruction as he can!

The hitman presents a valid passport and driving licence at Heavy Metal Rent-a-Weapon at Heathrow Airport and he is on his way.

But how many times has the average person hired a car at an airport and driven into the nearest large city?

How do you sort the terrorist from the tourist?

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Meet Linda From Coventry: She’s In The Driving Seat At Citroen

The title of this post is from an article in the Business section of The Sunday Times.

How many ladies run car companies? And how many are English and run iconic quirky French ones?

According to the article she is the first British woman to run a big car company and only the third woman in ever.

She’s probably one of the first widows of either sex too!

I think it must be well done to Linda from Coventry!

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Is A Rat A New Make Of Car?

I took this picture at Hillsborough yesterday.

Is A Rat A New Make Of Car?

Is A Rat A New Make Of Car?

I would assume that Burrows is a car dealership.

When I first read the one with a red background, the car make looked like a Rat.

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I Don’t Go In Cars Very Often

Listening to the Jokeswagen Scandal radio in bed this morning, I realised that since I moved to London in December 2010, I’ve hardly been in a car at all.

I thin the longest trip I’ve done is a couple of journeys back from football at Ipswich after football because the trains were on the blink.

I’ve obviously taken the occasional taxi, but it just shows how relevant cars are to my way of life.

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How Long Before I Get A Message About The Jokeswagen Scandal?

Now that the PPI calls seem to have run their course, Jokeswagen have presented the cold calling merchants with manna from heaven.

How long before they start targeting the owners of Jokeswagen diesels to offer to sue the company at no expense to you for compensation?

They might also decide to phone and contact everybody, as Jokeswagen could surely be considered responsible for all the pollution in our cities and the increaee in asthma.


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A Police Car With 330,000 Miles On The Clock

At the commemoration for Prederick Parslowe the police brought along a couple of old police cars.

The Morris Minor was immaculate and had a genuine 330,000 miles on the clock. Apparently they own half-a-dozen, which get brought out for public relations purposes. One officer told me, that they’ve also got a couple of preserved Velocette LE‘s.

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Are Electric Cars The Way Forward?

They may well be, but judging by the reports from California about Tessla, it would appear that they are a long way away. This report from the BBC talks about the fires the cars are suffering. This is the first two paragraphs.

Battery fires in Tesla Model S electric cars have prompted an investigation by the US government’s auto safety agency.

Fires broke out in two cars in the US after debris hit the undercarriage, said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

But just as with the Boeing Dreamliner, the batteries don’t seem to be up to the job.

As an Electrical Engineer, I believe that electric cars will not be a feasible proposition, until batteries can store several times as much energy safely as they do today.

Electric buses, trams and possibly some trucks are more likely to be commonplace, as their pattern of frequent stops and heavier payloads, may mean that some form of economic electric storage is available soon. Even with hybrid buses, one of the major running costs is the need to replace the batteries every few years or so.

I will be surprised, if electric cards, are little more than what they have been for the last hundred years; an interesting curiosity.

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How To Beat Car Price Depreciation

The title of this post came from one of the most read stories on the BBC web site.  It’s here.

It’s something I don’t suffer from.  I don’t have a car any more and don’t miss it one bit.

Take today and Bank Holiday Monday.

I have a list of places, I’d like to visit and every one is an easy journey by public transport, where I’ll probably sit on the top deck of a comfortable bus, enjoying the view and looking for little oddities to photograph. I’m also going to try out a new restaurant, where my son and I, will celebrate his birthday. Parking at one of the places would be impossible, except for a bike, but the bus virtually stops outside.

Cutting the cost of motoring is a bit like cutting the cost of smoking!

Just give it up!

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