The Anonymous Widower

An Old Friend Returns

My Nokia 6310I returned from the menders today, after just forty-eight hours away. All it needed was a change of keypad at a cost of around thirty pounds!

You can’t imagine how it feels to have an old friend back again in good health, even if they are rather battered like me.  It links perfectly to my Jaguar X-Type with Bluetooth, the keys are easy to use even for me in my state, text messages are easy to send, it lasts a whole week on one battery charge and it has all the strength of the proverbial brick outhouse.

Who wants any of these modern phones built with all the fragility of porcelain,unwanted complexity, features that no sane person would ever use and battery life of a few nanoseconds?

Especially as I found yesterday that as-new 6310Is are available in Bury St. Edmunds Market for a few pounds from a very competent stall run by a charming and very knowledgeable  Sikh gentleman. His stall was outside H Samuel

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How to Replace a Key On a Laptop

I am a computer professional of long standing or should that be sitting.  But my expertise is software and not hardware!

On the other hand, my friend, Pula, has had little computer training, other than on how to use Windows and the various applications. But she comes from a family that prefers to face up to challenges rather than duck them!

So when the B key on her laptop became sticky, she attempted to fix-it. Getting the key out was the easy part, but putting it back was a but tricky.

So Pula struck and searched the Internet for some help and found this web site, where there was a page for her computer.

Well done Pula! If she can do it without any experience, surely you can try!

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John Lewis’s Wedding List

A friend’s daughter is getting married on Saturday.  The wedding list is on-line at John Lewis.  It was so simple to use and saved a lot of hassle for me, as how does a sixty year old widower choose something for a twenty-year-old or so woman and her new husband? I took the easy route and gave gift vouchers.

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Vuvuzelas and Parrots

Apparently, some parrots have learned to mimic the sound of a vuvuzela.

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Couriers Revisited

I had a parcel delivered today by Parcelforce.

  1. They sent me an e-mail, so I could track it.
  2. I was phoned by the driver at 8:30 to check that someone would be there.
  3. The parcel was delivered at 9:00 by the usual cheery driver.

So if they can do it so professionally, why can’t others? APC can and delivered my repaired Nokia 6310i later this morning.

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E-Mail Address List For Sale

I received a spam e-mail yesterday offering me a list of three billion e-mail addresses.  I suspect, I’m on it, as they say they used the list to spam me.

How do you get off a list like that?

The only way is to change your e-mail address! Not easy, if it’s a domain, you’ve spent a lot of money on!

But in my view, as probably selling the list is illegal in most civilised countries in the world, shouldn’t someone have the power to at least ban the domain they are using? That by the way is \\email\\million\\dot\\c\\o\\m. It is registered in Muscat.

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Is Good Service A Benefit Of The Recession?

Yesterday, I got exceptional service from Vision Express, but this is becoming part of a pattern. O2, Homebase, PC-World and other companies have all given me excellent service in the last week. Have companies increased their staff training in this area because they find that good service means increased sales, even in a recession? Perhaps and in some places I’ve dealt with in the past, it’s about time! But then the most often-quoted example of bad service, Woolworths, went bust!

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A Visit To The Optician

Yesterday, I had my eyes tested in Vision Express in Bury St. Edmunds. They supply my glasses and the optician had examined me twice before a couple of years ago. He said that the eyes themselves were fine, but that I had lost some vision to my left in both eyes, due to nerve damage. They also refitted my glasses, so that they don’t fall off my face.  My glasses had started to do this, probably because of the weight I have lost!

And all that for a tenner, as the very thorough eye test itself was on the NHS.  The charge was for a digital photo of the retina, which seemed to compare well to those taken two years ago. All results will be sent to my GP.

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My Poor Feet

My feet are very painful at the moment! Is it the stroke, some of the drugs I have taken like Warfarin, a lack of vitamin B12 or just the shoes, I have been wearing?

At least, I’m seeing the GP tomorrow!

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