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Avanti Train Wedding: The Couple Who Said ‘I do’ On A 125 mph Train To Birmingham

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

I’ll put one quote from the article here.

The couple say they were worried about missing the train and having to catch a “marriage replacement service”

Obviously, they didn’t!

The article doesn’t say, if anybody has got married on a train before.

  • I suspect that some heritage railways can and have arranged it.
  • It appears that you can get married on the Bluebell Railway. But is that in a station or on a train.
  • This web site offers Wedding Train Chartering

But only three train companies have the trains and routes to offer you a wedding at 125 mph.


This could start a trend!

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Covid: 400-Person Wedding Party In Stamford Hill Broken Up By Police

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC,

I would have thought, that the organisers would have known better, as the Jewish community in Stamford Hill has suffered badly from th covids.

In Jews In The UK And COVID-19, which I wrote in May 2020, I did a simple analysis and said this.

From these simple figures Jews are over three times more likely to die of COVID-19, than the general population.

Walk around the area and their are signs up in Hebrew telling people to Stay Safe.

How can people be so stupid?

But that’s religion for you!

A Measles Epidemic

About a year ago, I was asked by my GP, if I had been vaccinated against measles.

I said no, but I have did have a bad case at about twenty-five, which I recounted in A Surprising Question From A Doctor.

He said fine and then added that there’s a measles epidemic in the North of the borough.

Apparently, the ultra-Orthodox Jews don’t have a high level of vaccination and a lot of children.

This worries me, as will they bother to get the vaccine for the covids.

They should listen to the eminently sensible Chief Rabbi.

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Birthday Parties And Weddings Among Most Risky Coronavirus ‘Super‑Spreader’ Events

The title of this post is the same as this article in The Sunday Times.

This is the introductory paragraph.

The party could be over for a while. Scientists have found that family celebrations such as birthdays and weddings, and gatherings of similar size, are among the deadliest ways to spread Covid-19. Indoor gatherings of 10 to 30 people allow one person carrying the virus to infect up to 10 others.

I doubt we’ll have gatherings of people, until we are all vaccinated.

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Could A White LEVC TX Electric Taxi Be A 21st Century Wedding Car?

I took these pictures of a white LEVC TX electric taxi at St. Pancras station.

A few minutes later, I got into a more common black one and asked the driver.

He said, he was very pleased with his new vehicle and he suspected some had been used as wedding cars.

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A Double-Headed Wedding

These two Routemasters were parked at the Angel today.

Is it getting hitched in style or just showing off?

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Memories of Wymondham

I actually passed through Wymondham twice today and not only is it the nearest station to where my Lotus Elan was built, but it has precious memories of the time in the 1960s, when I was courting C.

For two summers she worked as a mother’s help for a family called Wright, who lived at Hingham, looking after their three children Amanda, Caroline and Timothy.

The two girls were bridesmaids at our wedding in 1968, but we lost contact with them all over the years, despite living only an hour or so away.

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John Lewis’s Wedding List

A friend’s daughter is getting married on Saturday.  The wedding list is on-line at John Lewis.  It was so simple to use and saved a lot of hassle for me, as how does a sixty year old widower choose something for a twenty-year-old or so woman and her new husband? I took the easy route and gave gift vouchers.

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Feelings at a Wedding

This was the first wedding I’d been to since my wife died. Or perhaps should I say that it was the first wedding between young people, as I’d been to another involving one of my ex-business partners, who like me had been widowed.  That was different, as it showed me a lot of hope for the future.  It was also a nice touch, that the groom was having the same best man fifty years later.

But this one was a full wedding, with both a civil and a church ceremony.  They do it that way in Holland.

As to the wedding itself, everything went well and except for a few small glitches, it seemed to go smoothly.  But then what wedding goes absolutely perfectly.  If they did Robert Altman’s film wouldn’t be so funny!

But it was the details that brought me to tears.  Just words, but many times in the past at a wedding, my wife and I would smile at each other and repeat our vows and perhaps sometimes joke at some inappropriateness or funny memory.  Not that I can seem to remember much of our marriage at all.  Perhaps having only a couple of photos or videos doesn’t help.  I’ve still got her wedding dress though and perhaps one day, it’ll fit a granddaughter.

Those memories made me sad and I was pleased that I’d hidden away at the back of the church.

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