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London Underground and Overground Interchanges

As I have gold older, I’ve tended to avoid some interchanges between lines, as they are either difficult or they make the journey longer. Now after my strokes, I’m a bit more careful, as some stations are a bit claustrophobic and just too busy.

I was also got on this train of thought, by a friend, who has to get King’s Cross and Gerrards Cross regularly.  Usually, they end up taking a slow taxi up Marylebone Road. I thought there must be a better way. In some ways it’s a pity that when they built the new Wembley, that they didn’t find some way to connect the Chiltern, Metropolitan and Jubilee Lines in the area, as this would have given access directly from places like Aylesbury and High Wycombe to the City and East London.  As yesterday, I had to go to Oxford Circus I did check out the Bakerloo Southbound to Victoria Northbound connection and I think it is up one short escalator, a few steps and then down another escalator.  But you wouldn’t do it with a heavy bag!

I think it illustrates how you must get to know your interchanges in London. Here’s a few of the things I like and dislike.

Access to the Northern Line is much slower than the other lines at Kings Cross, now that they have virtually rebuilt the interchange. So I usually avoid it.’

Green Park always seems to be a slow interchange, as you walk for ever.

Bank is not for the faint hearted, especially as there are a lot of works going on at the moment.

In fact these days, I’ll often look for a bus route that does the transfer and perhaps avoids the difficult stations.

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  1. When our children were small we always looked for bus routes and factored in the extra time, not just because children and crowded escalators and stations arent fun, but they got to see the sights.

    I recall some changes involving what seemed like miles when I myself was a child, and I remember that long long escalator at Leicester Sq, I loved it!

    When they were older we did use the underground so they were used to using it if they went down to London with friends.

    It is some years since I have used the underground, but my most vivid recent experience when we were returning from a week in Paris. We had used the metro on many occasions, both girls had learnt to buy tickets etc. We got back to Euston 3 hours early for our specified train back to Manchester. Neil sat at the station and minded the bags, and myself and the girls went shopping in Knightsbridge. As I we went down into the underground station, I was shcoked at how dirty and unpleasant and dreary the London underground was compared the Paris Metro.

    Comment by Liz P | August 22, 2010 | Reply

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