The Anonymous Widower

The Familiar Skirt

As I sat in Carluccio’s in Spitalfields tonight, I realised that the lady on the next table, was wearing a skirt, that was very similar to one that C had sometimes worn in the last couple of years of her life.

I didn’t get emotional, but quietly wished to myself, that the lady didn’t sufer a similar fate to C. Last Thursday would have been C’s sixty-second birthday and next Tuesday would have been our forty-second wedding anniversary.

I could put a cliche in here but I won’t!  Add one yourself!

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Pedestrian Crossings

Before this last stroke, I rarely used the lights, as being a Londoner, jay-walking is a sport to be enjoyed.

But not any more!  I now push the button and wait.  Usually it works, but twice I’ve been run over by aggressive buggy pushers, just standing there watching the lights changing.

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Battersea Power Station

One of the sad sights you see as you approach Victoria is the ruin of Battersea Power Station.

Battersea Power Station

It is such a pity that nothing sensible has been done with such an iconic building, that is actually the largest brick building in Europe!

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Racing at Lingfield

As I said in an earlier post, Free As A Lark ran in the 14:20 at Lingfield today.

I took the train from Whittlesford Parkway, changing at Tottenham Hale and Victoria to get the train to Lingfield. 

Lingfield Station

 From the station it’s just a five minute walk to the racecourse.The ticket cost just £13.80 return with my Senior Railcard.  I suspect that there were others using their Railcards for a day-out at Lingfield.

Free As A Lark ran better than last time, but not as well as I’d hoped.

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Liverpool Street to Shoreditch High Street

This is a walking connection between the main-line station and the East London Line.  I did it today, by walking across to Broadgate and then down the side of the station.  It’s still quite long, but it is a better walk than going along Bishopsgate.  There is also a convenient light-controlled crossing.

You also get this back view of Liverpool Street Station.

Back View of Liverpool Street Station

Whatever they do in the future, some signs are needed now!

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Blair on Fox Hunting

This is in the Guardian’s report on Tony Blair’s new book.

He regrets the hunting sort-of ban, incidentally. He hadn’t understood how important it was to many people. Careless Tony; he should have known. But banning hunting is a class issue of great totemic importance for parts of the Labour tribe and he went along with it. Typical Tony in his early years: inexperienced, ill-read and eager to please.

In other words he didn’t let the truth get in the wayof his gut feelings.  How many other decisions he took would have been different, if he’d properly researched the subject and also listened to those with alternative views?

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Free As A Lark

She runs in the 14:20 at Lingfield today.  I’m going by train from Victoria.

Here’s hoping her luck has turned.

And perhaps even mine!

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Plants Have More Rights Than People

In my post on the Isle of Wight, Yarmouth etc., I mentioned the notoriously bad road into Great Yarmouth called the Acle Straight.  Remember that Yarmouth is an important port, where the oil and gas and offshore wind farm industries are concerned, so if you were say the boss of an important player in the industry, getting stuck in traffic before going to see the town as a possible supply base , would show how important, the Government think creating jobs in the town is and illustrates the level of support you’ll get.

So I looked up Acle Straight on the Highways Agency web site, to see the progress being made to upgrade this choked and extremely dangerous road.

All they are doing is doing a study to see if they can move the dykes back from the main road to try to improve safety.

Note this paragraph about the purpose of the study.

The trial will cover the relocation of sections of dyke over a distance of about one kilometre along the A47 Acle Straight and is to be used to determine whether species will relocate to dykes constructed further away from the existing carriageway edges.  If proven successful the trial dyke relocation may lead to relocation of the roadside dykes and improve the safety for road users.  The trial dykes will be regularly monitored over a minimum period of two years.

So there you have it, plants are move important than those who live in Yarmouth, who need a better job or even one at all!

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