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I Can’t Bear To Look At The Times Website Today

The headline story is of the poor woman sentenced to death in Sudan for a love of a man of the wrong religion, giving birth on the floor of a prison cell in chains.

What has all this got to do with religion?

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My Short Term Memory

Over the last four years since my stroke and the move to London, I’ve often thought that my short term memory is going.

Sometimes, I’ll go out and leave the windows open for example.

But this morning, I realised this has been happening since C became very ill on her final journey.

In other words, do we for short term purposes rely partly on our partner’s memory.

At least it doesn’t seem to be getting any worse!

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The Shame Of Forced Marriage

There has just been a piece on Radio 5 live on the BBC, about forced marriage.  They interviewed a lady, who many years ago as a thirteen-year-old, was taken to Pakistan and told she couldn’t come back until she was pregnant. She said that little had changed in all those years and now works as a counsellor.

Surely, the behaviour of parents like this is little different to some of the high-profile sex abuse cases we’ve had in the news lately. They should be prosecuted now, if they are still alive.

All of these practices must be stamped out.

My late wife, who dealt with a lot of child abuse and abduction cases, once said that a lot of problems could be helped or even stopped, if every time a child was taken out of the UK, the passport was checked and noted.

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She Who Must Be Obeyed

Lord Young is the only person, who works at Number 10, other than the Prime Minister, who has his own office, according to an article in The Times today. I like the last paragraph. Asked if he will retire, as he is 81, this is his reply.

Never, until She herself calls me from upstairs. I am convinced it must be a woman upstairs as women are doing everything. You must remember that I have been married 57 years to the same wife. I’ve worked for Margaret Thatcher. I know who my bosses are.

I agree with him, although I’ve never worked for a female boss, but I was married for forty years.

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Keira Knightley Gets It Right

It is reported in the Daily Telegraph, the the judge; sir Paul Coleridge, is praising Keira Knightley for her low key marriage ceremony.  Here’s the first bit of the article.

Sir Paul Coleridge said he hoped the marriage, which saw Miss Knightley, 28, driven from the wedding with her new husband in a Renault Clio and guests wearing flip flops, would encourage other young couples to get married without having to worry about spending thousands on lavish ceremonies.

Sir Paul, who has launched the Marriage Foundation, said he felt the costs of weddings in Britain had got out of hand recently, with the average price tag to tie the knot now £20,000.

I can remember C, who was a barrister specialising in sorting out the details of divorces, chuckling as she saw details of the latest celebrity wedding in the papers. often saying, “It won’t last!” I think she said that about the Beckhams, but it was the only case I can remember, where she was wrong.

Our own marriage was a small affair in 1968, on the only glorious day in an awful summer. As it lasted forty years, is there a lesson there?

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Cardinal O’Brien In The Doo-Dah

I can’t say I hold a brief for the views of Cardinal O’Brien, as what right does anybody have to deny anybody a proper marriage, be they straight, gay, divorced or widowed.

So I was rather pleased that Stonewall’s bigot of the year, has got dropped in it, from a great height by a former priest and some other complainants. The priest left the priesthood and got married, which probably sums up the real fault of Catholic doctrine. Being denied your instincts, like wanting to have a meaningful relationship with someone that might lead to marriage, surely causes more problems than it solves.

The full story is here on the BBC.

I do fear that if people like O’Brien are choosing the new Pope, what sort of dinosaur will they choose?

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The Last Mass For Gay Catholics

I am not religious, but all of those who have religion that I respect, don’t really care about anybody’s race, sex or sexual orientation.

Therefore this story from the BBC’s web site, says to me that the Roman Catholic Church is still living in the Age, where they set the rules and others complied on pain of being excluded. I’m afraid in the modern world, we can all make up our own minds. Now if gay people want to go to a religious service it is up to them, not the church or religion concerned.

I hope one day, that I might be invited as a guest to a same-sex wedding in a Roman Catholic Church conducted by a woman priest!

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Love Is In The Air!

Or is it the Tube?

Love Is In The Air!

Love Is In The Air!

I took this picture this afternoon.   I hope this guy’s extensive preparations went down well with his wife!

In some ways, I miss St. Valentine’s Day more than others, as C and I usually went somewhere nice to have a meal.  I’d also usually got her some nice underwear or cashmere from one of the many on-line sales after Christmas. She was very easy to buy underwear for, as she was a very common size and she always liked expensive sets, that she knew had been picked up for a bargain.

It’s now six years since I had a good St. Valentine’s Day. Tonight, I’ll be cooking myself a pork chop with some vegetables and watching the football.  I shall probably have a couple of Celias.


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The Gay Marriage Vote Today

Why has such a simple proposition created so much amount of useless hot hair?

I was married to a lovely woman for nearly forty years and know the value of such a relationship. There is also the work of William Farr in the 1850s, to reinforce it, as I outlined here.

So what right does anybody have to deny anybody happiness?

If we do, we’re following the route of religious nutters, like the Taliban and some Christian and other groups, who deny women a good life.

I would also take civil partnerships further and allow it to any couple, who wanted it. C and I had a pretty good marriage, but at times we wondered, if it would matter, if we hadn’t got married or not.  Some couples, who don’t think marriage is for them for various reasons, might prefer a civil partnership to sort out their tax affairs, if one sadly dies. When C died, it saved a fortune in various taxes compared to if we’d just been living together.

There is also the problems of say two widowed sisters or brothers living together for economic and companionship reasons.  Should they be allowed a civil partnership to perhaps put their financial affairs on the same basic as any other couple. In C’s work as a family barrister, she came across several cases like this. Often the surviving sibling would be living in a dingy flat on benefit.  We owe people a better life and all it would need would be the extension of civil partnerships.

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Not So Gay Paris!

This story is the most shared this morning on the BBC’s web site. here’s the first paragraph.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets of Paris over plans to give gay couples in France the right to marry and adopt children.

France seems to be getting in more and more messes, what with the taxes, jobs and the economy in general. Will they come to regret their incursion into Mali.

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