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A Curious Structure On The Western Curve

The picture shows a rather curious white corrugated structure covering the Western Curve at Dalston Junction.

A White Steel Tent at Dalston

When I first saw it, I thought it was some sort of protection for concrete, whilst it was drying.

But it would appear that it’s the ventilation for the railway tunnel under Kingsland High Road.  It is designed so that the prevailing westerly winds will draw the air out of the tunnel.  I think, it’s also designed to work in case of fire.

This looks to me, like a classic case of very sound passive engineering.  An active solution with electrically-driven fans would be a lot more complicated and expensive.

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ITV to Show More Adverts

Who cares?  I don’t!  I only watch sport on channels with adverts occasionally and usually there is a sound commentary on the radio, which I listen too.

The more adverts ITV shows, the worse the coverage will get and I’ll find something more interesting to do, like watch paint dry!

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Anne Robinson and Essex Girls

By accident yesterday, I watched a few seconds of the Weakest Link.  Anne Robinson was introducing one of the contestants, who was a vicar from Billericay. So was he a Billericay Vickie? She asked him, if Essex Girls prayed round their handbags.

There is a very inappropriate joke linking Robert Maxwell and Essex Girls.  As Anne has sometimes been known to defend the odious Bouncing Czech, she ought to mind what she says about females from Essex.

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The Western Curve at Dalston Opens Next Week

This was announced on the London News on BBC Breakfast Time this morning.

It will mean that you will be able to get trains direct from Highbury and Islington station all the way to Whitechapel and on to South London.

One of the staff at Dalston Junction station told me today, that all being well this will happen first thing on Monday morning.  I’ve just checked using the National Rail Timetable and it leaves Dalston Junction at 6:25.

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The Central Express Line

Getting to and from QPR yesterday was simple.  I took a 21/141 bus to Bank and then got the Central Line to White City.

The journey back was particularly quick and the average station time was under two minutes.

So why is it quicker than other lines?

The trains were the first on the Underground to have wide outside plug doors and this gives more space inside and makes entry and exit easier.  But also these trains are fully-automatic, with an advanced breaking system, that cuts time on stopping from full speed.

In other words, by good attention to detail, you can speed things up a little bit in several ways.

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Nicole Kidman and Infertility

On my travels yesterday, I caught a headline on somebody else’s Metro, detailing Nicole Kidman’s struggle with infertility.  The full story is here.

I hope she’s had her B12 levels checked.  I’ve met several female coeliacs, who had all sorts of problems with carrying a baby.  You just need the B12 to create a hPregnancyealthy foetus.  There’s a lot of stuff on the Internet and this post is quite detailed.

If I look at my family and particularly the male line, which probably carries my coeliac genes, instances of any women giving birth are rare.

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Royal Wedding Sick Bag

It just had to happen.

I shan’t be watching and I can’t say I’ve ever watched a Royal Wedding or Funeral before.

I shall be doing something much more positive, like cooking or going to IKEA

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Crushed in at QPR

I said in a previous post that hopefully Ipswich would be lucky to get a draw.  And although they played well and had a lot of possession, they lost 2-0.

I enjoyed the match, even if QPR seemed to have squeezed as many supporters as they could into the away end. I asked the stewards to move me as I couldn’t see and all around me were people waving extreme flags.

So thanks to the steward I got a reasonable view, but very inferior to the ones at Sheffield United, Nottingham Forest, Coventry, Barnsley and even Scunthorpe.

QPR should make the Premier League next year, so what the prawn sandwich brigade will make of it all, I don’t know.

I also spoke to a group of cheery police, who said that they’d had the worst pre-match meal in a long time.  They hoped there wouldn’t be any trouble, as they’d probably spew it all over everybody in the excitement.

I was also filmed for something called Winkball. I’ll update, if they put it up.

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