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The Jeremy Kyle Show Axed By ITV After Death Of Guest

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

I won’t make any comment about the show, as I’ve never seen it.

That is not because I object to programmes of this type, but because I rarely watch programmes with advertising.

The only exception I make is with sport.

I’ve never for instance seen an episode of Downton Abbey.

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Farewell To BT Vision

I have not got rid of BT Vision and if I want to watch football that is shown on BT, I now watch it on Sky.

To say I’m pleased to be rid of BT Vision is an understatement.

  • BT don’t seem to have any logical channel numbering, unlike Sky and Freeview and I could never remember where something would be shown.
  • Often I had to resort to going through the channels one at a time, until I found what I wanted.
  • Sky is logical, as all the Sports channels seem to be together and if I want an event, I can easily find what I want, stating from 405 or so.
  • Regularly, I don’t watch a match, but listen to it on Radio 5. BT has this annoying habit of changing to a screen of programs that I might watch, if I had an IQ of about 12.
  • Sky just gives me information with a useful clock.

Whoever, designed their system should be sent to manage the satellite station on St. Kilda.

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Do Crossrail Trains Need Toilets?

ITV have published this web article entitled The £1bn Crossrail where you can’t spend a penny.

It’s a catchy headline, but is the article just knocking copy to get views or rival politicians making a point.

At present, the Class 315 trains that run from Shenfield to Liverpool Street, do not have toilets. The journey takes up to forty three minutes. So does anybody get taken short on a train?

I discussed this with a customer support guy, that I met at Tottenham Court Road. We thought that some Underground journeys would be longer. I’ve just looked up Cockfosters to Heathrow, which is a journey that if I still lived in the area where I grew up, I’d probably do occasionally. It takes ninety minutes.

So if toilets were to be provided on Crossrail Class 345 trains as some journeys will take nearly an hour, they should probably be provided on long distance Underground services.

In my chat at Tottenham Court Road, I was reminded about the version of the iconic tube map that shows the location of toilets. It actually shows, whether toilets at stations are inside or outside the gate line.

Surely, a much better and more affordable solution would be to update the ribbon maps in all Underground and Crossrail trains to show if the station had toilets, in the same way, they show the step free access. Some extra signs on stations showing the status and location of toilets would also be a good idea.

Incidentally on the Essex and Reading legs of Crossrail, several of the stations already have decent toilets. Getting off a train and catching the next one, to have a relaxed toilet break, is probably not a huge delay, due to the high frequency of the trains.

London has a chance to set high standards in this area, without putting toilets on any trains.

Although saying that, Thameslink’s Class 700 trains will have toilets, but then Brighton to Peterborough might take two hours plus.

Perhaps, ITV should stick to reporting the news they do best, like I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.


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Brian Redhead Was Right

He was quoted as saying that if television had been invented before radio, then radio would be the dominant medium, as the pictures are bretter!

Following the Tour de France today on ITV, I’m constantly switching to Radio 5, during the adverts ruining the program. So Brian is certainly right today.

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The Adverts Are Driving Me Crazy!

I’m trying to watch the Tour de France on ITV4.

But there are so many adverts, I get so many interruptions, that I could be in trying to watch it in the middle of a main road.

Don’t you just hate it!

The worst is some loan company advertising loans at with an APR of 1971%. If they sell any, I wouldn’t have thought that even a spendthrift mug would get a loan at that rate!

One advert is for a deodorant. I had one other product in the company’s range. It has now gone in the bin and when I find,what the parent company is, then they’ll be on my non-preferred list.

I’d be happy to pay a subscription to get advert-free television!

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Crass Commentary From ITV

When France scored their third goal against Switzerland, the ITV commentator said this.

Not for the first time, there really is a mountain between France and Switzerland.

That really is one of the most crass statements heard in a football commentary.

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ITV And The BBC Disagree Over Fred’s Penalty

ITV’s commentators and experts thought that the penalty awarded to Brazil last night was correct. The BBC’s pundits were adamant Fred dived.

The Times this morning is saying that Fred was guilty. Type “Fred penalty” into Google News and most newspapers the world-over think it was a dive!

Brazil were lucky, as other decisions of the referee didn’t stand up to video scrutiny.

Let’s hope that the rest of the referees have been to Specsavers!

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Farewell Gerry Anderson

Sadly.the death of Gerry Anderson has been announced.

He will always be remembered for Thunderbirds. Although, Wikipedia doesn’t mention this, I remember seeing the first episode, Trapped in the Sky, in a prime Saturday evening slot and ITV billed it as Gerry Anderson’s first adult program.  Only later did it settle into being a children’s program.

That first episode is one of the best pieces of British television. If it had a problem, it was that it set a standard that was impossible to attain consistently.

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The X Factor Winner Is Not News

The BBC has been reporting who won X Factor last night.

This is not news and why do we clog up the airways with things like this?

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Where’s the Tour de France

On a day, when we’re going to win France’s most prestigious sporting trophy, where is the action?

Radio 5 has some golf and you can only get fleeting bits between the adverts on ITV4.

The Black Prince, Henry V, Hawke, Cochrane, Nelson, Wellington and John Churchill will all be spinning in their graves. I suspect too,that even the French won’t be very pleased, as I think they’d prefer to see France shown at its best to Les Anglais and also as they’ve rather taken to our Bradley. Perhaps we can all take a leaf out of his book and learn to speak better French.

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