The Anonymous Widower

The Rebuilt and the New

I took this picture on Bishopsgate in the City of London today.

St. Ethelburga’s and the Gherkin

In the foreground is St. Ethelburga’s Church, which was rebuilt after the IRA bombing of 1993. The Gherkin is shown behind the church. That building was built on the site of the Baltic Exchange, which was also substantially damaged by the IRA in 1992.

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John Galliano

John Galliano may be a great fashion designer, but his comments lately in Paris are disgraceful and he was rightly fired by Dior.

Remember that Hitler was also anti-homosexual and not just anti-Jewish, so in some ways his comments are even more ignorant than they appear in the first place.

But knowing the fashion industry, he’ll be back, as money talks louder than morals.

I for one, hope he doeasn’t make a comeback.  Or at least until he’s seen the multiple errors of his ways.

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Travelling is More Eye-Opening than Reading

On an item on the BBC this morning about why Chinese tourists visit Clarks Shoes in Street, the title of this post was quoted by a Chinese interviewee.

The quote is from Confucius and I quite like it.

There is more on the story here in the Daily Mail.

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Lots of Naff Lighting

Jerry used cheap and nasty light fittings in this house and I’ve looking for something more stylist.

Yesterday, I walked round several shops in Central London and didn’t see anything that was in the least bit inspiring.

I’ve found this one on the Internet and it looks promising, but I’d like to touch and feel one before I buy.

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