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Jerry’s Attempts On The Other Side Of The Kitchen Are No Better

These pictures show that what lay behind the awful steel-fronted units on the other side of the kitchen was no better than those on the first, that I descrtibed in Behind Jerry’s Cabinets.

So we’ll have to chisel out some concrete, make up the floor and sort the wiring before we can put in the new cabinets.

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The Steptoe Solution

My kitchen is coming on, albeit slowly because of Infuriating IKEA.

These pictures show the current state.

I’m building up to the big finish, where the side by the window gets ripped out and replaced by new units.

Will we find some more of Jerry’s Wonderful Wiring.

Jerry's Wonderful Wiring

Jerry’s Wonderful Wiring

Or even worse, as there is plumbing and water involved.

So I can’t guarantee that, we’ll be able to plan how long the shut-down of my water and washing-up facilities will be.

On the other side of the kitchen, a wall had to be rebuilt, so I suspect that getting the wiring and the plumbing correct to accept the new units will probably take a couple of days.

I haven’t got another big sink upstairs, but I do have a very small one in my bedroom, where I could wash plates and put them in the shower to dry.

As to washing saucepans and other larger utensils, it will be a Steptoe Solution, as used by Harold to wash his clothes, when he had a bath.

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Jerry’s Wonderful Wiring

In sorting out my kitchen, I need to adjust the wall between the kitchen and the living area.

Jerry's Wonderful Wiring

Jerry’s Wonderful Wiring

Jerry obviously thought he was a very competent electrician.

But my experienced Hungarian handyman and myself think otherwise.

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Behind Jerry’s Cabinets

My kitchen was horrendous as the pictures in My Crap Steel Kitchen Cabinets show.

Today, Laszlo, the builder and myself removed some of them and took a look behind.

To make matters worse, we were unable to get the marble slab worktop down the stairs, so it is now lying on the living room floor.

Neither of us were amused.

Especially Laszlo, who cut himself on the steel doors.

The marble slab will be fre to anyone who wants it! But you fix your own hernias!





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My Crap Steel Kitchen Cabinets

Putting the beer away, told me that I must hurry up with the rebuilding of my kitchen.

I didn’t actually cut myself, but I must have caught myself once for every bottle I put away. And of course, Jerry didn’t put any lights in the cupboard.

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Do Builders Ever Finish Jobs?

Just look at these pictures from my house.

I’ll accept the lack of mirror in the bathroom as my fault, but the others are just bad workmanship. Anyway I have a better idea for a mirror!

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Where Did That Go?

Jerry had put up this awful piece of granite as a splash back in the living room.

Jerry's Bad Plastering

Jerry’s Bad Plastering

Perhaps he put it up, as he had a spare one and it would cover up his dreadful plasterwork. I sometimes wonder if Jerry’s surname was Boughton.

Before I went away, two guys took it off and down the stairs, leaving it on my patio by the street.

I then put a stick note on it, saying that anybody who wanted it could take it.

And take it they did!

I wonder how many hernia they got lifting it into the back of their car?

It really was a case of good riddance to bad rubbish!

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Was Jerry’s Junk Poisoning Me?

This afternoon the cause of the temperature rise I noticed here, has hopefully been resolved.

Richard from RC Electrics has removed the old transformers from the roof and replaced them with modern units.

Have you ever seen junk like this? They were running really hot and all the Bakelite cases were in bits.

I asked if there were any health hazards with what I thought was Bakelite and I found this page. It says this.

Bakelite is made in a process that uses Phenol and formaldehyde both of which are toxic. Bakelite is safe to handle, but may deteriorate over time releasing the toxins in small quantities.

Only time will tell, if there is any improvement in the air in this house.

But after sitting here with the windows closed and the lights off for half-an-hour, the temperature has stabilised at 24.6°C, as opposed to 25.3°C last time. The difference is accounted for by different temperatures outside and the updated roof. I’ve now switched the lights on and we’ll see what happens.

After half-an-hour it’s risen to 24.7°C with a humidity of 44%. Three hours later it was 24.1°C and 43%.

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How Does Switching On My LED Lights Warm The Room?

At about 17:30 with the lights off in my living room the temperature was 25.5°C with a humidity of 41%. I switched on the LED lights and by 19:00 the temperature has risen to 25.8°C with a humidity of 42%.

I thought it might have been some external factor, like the weather.

So I then switched the lights off and now the temperature has dropped to 25.3°C with a humidity of 42%.

I suspect Jerry used drivers that are little better than radiant heaters.

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Did Jerry Wear His Underpants Backwards?

A couple of days ago, I decided to fit a new lock on my bedroom door, as when I bought the house the keys were non-existent. It was then I noticed that the escutcheon was on the inside of the door.

Hence the title of this post!

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