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The Light And The Dark Of It!

I find Manchester Victoria station annoying.

In some parts like the tram station, the light is good, but much of it is dark and dingy.

There are below ground stations with higher light levels than some parts of Victoria station.

I know the weather wasn’t bright on Saturday, but station lighting should be able to cope.

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The Design And Development Of Crossrail’s Unique Luminaires

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on Global Railway Review.

It is a very informative article and the lights look well-designed.

The lights were developed by a company called Future Designs.

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Seven Kings Station – 15th May 2017

In Before Crossrail – Seven Kings, I said of Seven Kings station that This Could Be A Good Station  and gave it a rating of 6/10.

These pictures show the station.

The final design of Seven Kings and Manor Park stations would appear to be very similar.

  • I didn’t take any of the inside of Seven Kings, as both stations are a clean design featuring lots of LED lights.
  • The layout of the lifts and stairs could be similar.

In addition the brickwork at Seven Kings station appears to be being used as a feature.


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A Clever Idea From IKEA

When I was in the kitchen showrooms in IKEA at Tottenham, I noticed that their corner cupboards didn’t have any lights. And we all know that things get lost in corner cupboards.

I have a feeling that our last two designer kitchens didn’t have corner cupboards because lighting them was difficult.

I thought that I’d be able to use IKEA’S OMLOPP LED spotlights, but wiring them can be tricky.

Then I found some IKEA STRIBERG LED strips, so I took one home.

Reading the instructions, when I got home, it appeared they were for wardrobes. But after a bit of experimenting, I found they worked in my corner cupboard. These pictures show it working.

Note that there are two things left to do.

  • The door hinges need to be adjusted to get it straight.
  • A hole needs to be drilled in the back of the cupboard to pass the wire through.

But it certainly works well!


  • There is no wiring to do, as it just plugs together and into a 13 amp socket.
  • Multiple units can be daisy-chained.
  • It comes in various lengths with the 67 cm. version being ideal here.

In my view, it is much easier to install than OMLOPP.

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Suffering From Short-And-Alone Syndrome

It is amazing how many jobs around the house are difficult for someone living alone, who is short in stature.

My new bathroom, has a problem. I suspect that the electrician who installed the six spot-lights in the ceiling, bought a dodgy batch of LED bulbs, as one-by-one over the last few months, they have died. Having a bath in the dark or lit by candles may be fun for couples, but this sixty-seven-year-old doesn’t find it the tiny bit interesting at all.

So I bought some new bulbs and got my step-ladder out, but found that the builder had gummed up the holders with paint, so working with my head about twenty centimetres below the fitting and my arms at full stretch, I can’t get the dmn things out of the ceiling, as I don’t have a third hand to hold the torch.

So now, I’ll have to get someone in at great expense and time, to do a job that if I was ten centimetres taller and had a third hand handy, I’d have done myself.

I think there’s a moral in this story for everyone. If you’re going to have these ridiculous spot-lights, make sure that they are fittings like I have elsewhere in the house, that have lugs so you can easily turn them to change the bulb.

In fact, I could design a light and a special tool, that would enable the bulb to be changed by a person of very limited height standing on the floor.


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There Is No Product That Can’t Be Improved With LEDs

In this month’s Modern Railways, there is an article by Iam Walmsley, about the re-engineering of a Class 73 locomotive for Network Rail. This is a the extract which contains the title of this post.

The cab desk is best described as ‘functional’, a flat plate of stainless steel with everything on it, enlivened by cool teal-coloured LED backlighting, further evidence that there is no product that can’t be improved with LEDs.

This is so right.

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The First Two Shelves For My Vertical Garden

They might not look like that as they sit amongst the builders rubbish in my garage, but I’m getting ready to start assembling my vertical garden.

The pictures show the steel beams in their primed state, some of the beams in my house with their dark chocolate paint and brass bolts, and the large expanse of wall with the glazed roof above.

I’ve put the lights in the pictures, as I have masses of lights in this house I don’t like.

Ever since I moved here, I’ve searched for something better, but all I see is expensive crap more suitable for an Algerian brothel or an Arab’s palace in Mayfair.

So what if I got a length of steel beam about 600 mm long, painted it chocolate and bolted it to the wall with brass bolts. On top could be some LED ropelights and their driver. I could also put ornaments or flowers at each end of the light. I would use IP65 components, so that it didn’t matter if they got wet.

Someone actually pointed out to me that orchids don’t need watering.

I reckon each light would cost about a hundred quid and if I didn’t like the colour, I’d just change the flowers.,

Isn’t designing gardens in the air fun?

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Was Jerry’s Junk Poisoning Me?

This afternoon the cause of the temperature rise I noticed here, has hopefully been resolved.

Richard from RC Electrics has removed the old transformers from the roof and replaced them with modern units.

Have you ever seen junk like this? They were running really hot and all the Bakelite cases were in bits.

I asked if there were any health hazards with what I thought was Bakelite and I found this page. It says this.

Bakelite is made in a process that uses Phenol and formaldehyde both of which are toxic. Bakelite is safe to handle, but may deteriorate over time releasing the toxins in small quantities.

Only time will tell, if there is any improvement in the air in this house.

But after sitting here with the windows closed and the lights off for half-an-hour, the temperature has stabilised at 24.6°C, as opposed to 25.3°C last time. The difference is accounted for by different temperatures outside and the updated roof. I’ve now switched the lights on and we’ll see what happens.

After half-an-hour it’s risen to 24.7°C with a humidity of 44%. Three hours later it was 24.1°C and 43%.

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How Does Switching On My LED Lights Warm The Room?

At about 17:30 with the lights off in my living room the temperature was 25.5°C with a humidity of 41%. I switched on the LED lights and by 19:00 the temperature has risen to 25.8°C with a humidity of 42%.

I thought it might have been some external factor, like the weather.

So I then switched the lights off and now the temperature has dropped to 25.3°C with a humidity of 42%.

I suspect Jerry used drivers that are little better than radiant heaters.

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Lights, Fun, Action At Kings Cross

I heard of this art installation in the Standard, so I went to Kings Cross station to have a look.

It’s certainly fun! It’s part of the arts program at Kings Cross and is called Identified Flying Object.  This page gives more details.

It should win an award for the most innovative use of LED ropelights.

However, I do feel there is a case for someone to be on the swing in the middle covered in a few more ropelights or perhaps some photo-luminescent paint.

The possibilities are endless!

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