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Top Gear Demolish Gravesend

Or at least part of the Kings Farm Estate was given the treatment on tonight’s program.

Search for Kings Farm Estate, Gravesend on Google and it would appear that the estate won’t be missed by the good people of Kent.

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Simple Recycling

I have one of my new recycling boxes permanently on the front patio by my wheelie bin.

My Recycling Box and Wheelie Bin

At least it means with Coke cans that I can recycle them without walking up and down the stairs or going outside. I just open the window and drop them straight down.  Is this good practice for my eyesight after the stroke?

At least, I haven’t missed yet!

But then I haven’t chanced it with glass bottles either!

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Cable Rounds on US Nutters

Vince Cable today accused US Republican politicians for holding up a deal to reduce US government debt.  It’s all here on the BBC. Here’s an extract.

Vince Cable has attacked leading US Republican politicians for holding up a deal to reduce US government debt.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, the business secretary called them “a few right-wing nutters in the American Congress”.

Unless a deal on Capitol Hill is agreed before 2 August, the US Treasury could run out of money to pay its bills.

Mr Cable said it presented a bigger risk to the global markets than the continuing debt woes in the eurozone.

I think it is true to say that the United States doesn’t have a debt problem. It has a severe debt problem!

US policy-making seems to be a bit like the arguments in the Middle Ages about how many angels could dance on the head of a pin.

The only crumb of comfort is that the United States has been there before and a deal is always done.

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The Simple Logic Of An Engineer or Scientist

Let’s face it we’ve got to generate more electricity in a zero-carbon way.  Or should I say capture more energy?

One way to do this is to put photo-voltaic cells everywhere.  But they are expensive and in many places can’t be used for aesthetic reasons.

So I was pleased to see in today’s Sunday Times, that a company, called Oxford Photovoltaics, is developing a solar cell that can be built into a window.

My Front Window

The picture shows one of my two front windows, which are actually glazed as many windows are by double-glazed panels that slot into aluminium or plastic frames. So to mount one of these sandwich glass photo voltaic cells could be a simple replacement.

I suspect too, that with a proper control system, the windows could be controlled to let the appropriate amount of sunlight through for lighting and warmth purposes. Most of the energy absorbed would become electricity, which could be fed back into the grid or used in the building.

The great advantage of this system, is that to be ready for it, when it is fully developed, you don’t have to do anything now except to ensure that all new houses, flats and offices are built to accept simple drop-in glazing panels.

This compny may not be the one that succeeds, but one definitely will.

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The Twisted Logic of the Far Right

If the tragic events in Norway on Friday show one thing, it is the bizarre twisted logic bordering on paranoia that those on the far right use to justify their behaviour. If reports are to be believed, Anders Behring Breivik, the alleged suspect, was a radical Christian, who held strong anti-Muslim views. He must have believed too, as did Timothy McVeigh, that by attacking Government targets and children and young people that he would start a backlash against the policies he hated. America seems to have carried on as before since the Oklahoma City Bombing and I suspect Norway won’t change tack by a great deal, if at all.

I could have called this post the Twisted Logic of the Far Left or Mad Dictators, as you could include Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Gaddafi,  Mugabe, Assad, Bin Laden, Botha, Galtieri, Ahmadinejad and various others. All seem to  have been deserted by any logic that any intelligent person would understand. Most though believe strongly in the death penalty and denying everybody who disagrees with them any human rights.

In some ways, one of the reasons such as Breivik are encouraged is that our free society doesn’t really stop these dictators abusing their own people or in many cases those who have no connection to them.

So do the Breiviks and the McVeighs, who have a personal grievance, see impotent governments, who can’t stop the injustices in the rest of the world and this means they lose their jobs to immigrants, pay excessive taxes and lose some of their precious freedoms, like the right to have firearms.

We currently have more famine in the Horn of Africa and whatever the main problem, the twisted logic of the millitants in the area isn’t helping. But only last week we had a report from Ethiopia about how long term aid and fair commercial trading of coffee, is making the lives of small farmers and their families so much better.

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Farewell Bin Hammam

Unlike Amy Winehouse, Mohammed Bin Hammam is still with us, even if FIFA have given him his just desserts.  He has just been on Radio 5 and has said that everything he did was in line with FIFA policy. But then they are full of organised corruption. If you can, listen to a replay of the morning sports program with David Davies.  I suspect none of the reasoned arguments, I’ve just heard went on at FIFA.

Now that we’ve said good-bye to Bin Hammam, how long can we sustain the farce of giving the World Cup to Qatar?

I wonder what odds I could get, that the Qatar World Cup doesn’t happen! Probably only very short ones, I would think!

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Farewell Amy Winehouse

From my bedroom in Cockfosters, I could see Southgate School, which Amy Winehouse would attend many years later.

I can also remember my sister and the other girls at the school coming and going innocently in the road in front of the house.

Now, after a later life of abuse, the obviously talented Amy is gone.  How many of the other boys and girls in her year have gone the same way? Probably only a handful, if my feelings are correct.  This is based on the fact that most of my late son’s school friends are still here. And some have not been without drink and drug problems.

So when we remember Amy, let’s remember the good things, like her music and her success.  And never ever think that her drink and drug problems are something to be admired.

Sadly, it seems that if you’re in the music industry, you attract those criminals, who want to sell you drugs, so they can have a large slice of your money.

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