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US Election 2020: Donald Trump’s Speech Fact-Checked

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

This is the introductory paragraph.

President Trump spoke early on Friday about the US election count, making a number of accusations of fraud for which he did not provide evidence.

I liked some of the BBC’s analysis on this statement.

I’ve been talking about mail-in voting for a long time. It’s really destroyed our system. It’s a corrupt system and it makes people corrupt.

The BBC said.

The president himself has voted by post in the past. He lived outside the state he was registered in, Florida, and requested a postal vote.

Surely, that makes him a hypocrite. Or did voting by post make him corrupt?

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Transparency International and the Blackrock Sovereign Risk Index

I’d never heard of Transparency International until yesterday, when it was interviewed about corruption in Moscow and the problems of investing there on the BBC.

They publish a Corruption Perception Index for around 180 countries world-wide. The link points to their data for 2010.  It is interesting reading.

The Blackrock Sovereign Risk Index does what it says on the tin and says how dodgy it is to deal in sovereign risk for various countries.

I wonder if the two are related, in that is a country low on the Country Perception Index, high on the Blackrock Sovereign Risk Index?

I shall be doing some investigating.

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Farewell Bin Hammam

Unlike Amy Winehouse, Mohammed Bin Hammam is still with us, even if FIFA have given him his just desserts.  He has just been on Radio 5 and has said that everything he did was in line with FIFA policy. But then they are full of organised corruption. If you can, listen to a replay of the morning sports program with David Davies.  I suspect none of the reasoned arguments, I’ve just heard went on at FIFA.

Now that we’ve said good-bye to Bin Hammam, how long can we sustain the farce of giving the World Cup to Qatar?

I wonder what odds I could get, that the Qatar World Cup doesn’t happen! Probably only very short ones, I would think!

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Sepp Blatter is in Favour of Women Wearing Stockings

The following paragragh is from this page on Sky News.

One of his stranger roles was as president of the World Society of Friends of Suspenders – a male group that wanted women to give up tights and return to wearing stockings and suspenders.

Doesn’t that say a lot about the Great Administrator. Rumour has it, that Fred, Max, Peter and Dominique are also members of the same society.

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Crisis? What Crisis?

I couldn’t believe that Sepp Blatter said this, but according to this report from the BBC, he did.

If ever there was a case, that when you gotta go, you should go now, this is it.

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Sorting Out Fifa!

With the Champions League Final going on today, FIFA have missed an easy way of sorting out their problems.

At the match or even at half-time, they could have a genuine shoot-out to see who prevails.  After all, FIFA needs a strong person to sort out their problems and one who could survive a shoot-out would have a genuine advantage. On the other hand an innocent spectator might get injured by a stray bullet.  But I suppose there is always Paintball guns, providing the gunk inside is indelible.

The shoot-out could also be linked to the match in the event of a draw. But then who’d want dear old  Sepp? And some of those involved in the hoo-hahs at FIFA, are probably so bent they couldn’t shoot straight.

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Imran Khan on Pakistan

The Times today has a big interview with Imran Khan. This is a typical paragraph.

In Britain there is growing concern about the amount of aid money going to Pakistan. In Mr Khan’s view it is not helping his country. “I think it would be the greatest thing that could happen to Pakistan if we did not get any more aid. We have been living beyond our means. The aid has fostered corruption. If we do not have aid we will be forced to make reforms to taxation and governance and we might actually become a nation that can stand up on its own feet. Pakistan is heading into a storm right now.”

 So should we cut all aid to Pakistan?

As it would appear that most seems to end up in places it wasn’t intended to go, I think that now is the time to use the aid in places where it can make a real difference.

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