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Disposable Nappies

From a scientifically green point of view, in many places I’m against using disposable nappies, as they clog sewers, end up in landfill and I’ve even seen them in litter bins in parks. We used real nappies for all our three children in the seventies, washing them ourselves in a machine for the first and then using a nappy service for the last two. Here‘s Islington Council on real nappies.

As an aside to this post, I’ve been over a prison, where they had an extensive site-recycling project.  It was the training scheme that prisoners wanted to work on most, as they found it satisfying and felt that it might get them a job on the outside.

So is washing real nappies and other similar schemes, the sort of work for prisoners or those on community service?

Returning to real nappies, there is also a London-wide organisation supporting them.

If you think, what right has a man to comment on nappies.  Then remember that probably a third or so of the nappies changed on our three children, were changed by me! Not sure if I could still do it and wouldn’t want the responsibility!

C and I tried hard to get our son and daughter-in-law to use them on our granddaughter.  Sadly we failed, despite offering to pay for the nappy service!

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  1. We used a combination with first child, second child we used disposable, as most people did back then. There was no way we could afford a nappy service. We did the sums and found that at that time, the price was pretty similar between disposable and cloth ones. When your children were small of course, disposable nappies were not very good, they werent great when eldest was in nappies, but had improved dramatically when youngest was born.

    There are now cloth feminine hygeine products, which are washable and reuseable.

    Comment by liz | August 7, 2011 | Reply

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