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First Impressions of Eastfield

As Bill Turnbull has used the colloquial term for London’s newest cathedral of shopping, I feel free to use it now and in future, as so many do.

So what is it like?

These pictures show that it is glitzy and it was very busy today.

Here are a few more detailed points.

The Marks and Spencer is enormous and I was actually able to find some trousers for the winter in my size of a 30 waist and a 29 leg. I joked with the assistant, that all the small sizes get bougt by the staff and he didn’t disagree.

The food hall is also large and there was both good and bad news.  There was no gluten-free sandwiches, but the manager, told me she’d had that question several times in the day. So perhaps Marks will sort that one out.

John Lewis was its usual self and probably almost as large as Oxford Street.

But it was the next door Waitrose that was impressive. I’ve not seen a bigger one, that wasn’t a food shop with a mini-John Lewis attached like the one near Higham Ferrers. It seemed that they were trialing a few new products, including some Genius fruit bread, that I’d not seen before. This Waitrose will probably become the shop where I’ll go for special food shopping instead of Canary Wharf or Jones Brothers, but I’ll still do general grocery shopping at Upper Street, as they deliver. Eastfield doesn’t deliver as far as me.

The restaurants I saw,  were not my sort of places, as they were typically fast food, burgers and non-gluten-free. But this doesn’t matter, as after the Olympics, it’ll be next to one of the biggest parks in Europe, so you’ll go to Marks or Waitrose and buy a picnic.

There were a few teething problems, one of which was the lack of signs to the trains in the centre, but it is infinitely better than the rather tired Lakeside and Oxford Street.

I was impressed too, that the General Manager of London Underground was there talking to travellers. Bosses should do this more often.

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Nose Bleeds and Hay Fever

I was travelling on a bus today, when I sneezed so hard that my nose bled.  So I had to get off and get some more tissues. The only shop was a Tesco and there was a queue, so I used the quick self-service till.  It was difficult as all I wanted was two small packs of tissues and I couldn’t get past one stage because the maschine kept tellimg me to swipe my loyalty card and asking me how many bags I needed.

I don’t do loyalty, unless it’s been earned.

Tesco were lucky that the one bloody tissue I did have was enough to at least stop the blood going all over their floor.

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Bill Turnbull Calls It Eastfield

On BBC Breakfast this morning, Bill Turnbull called the new shpping centre at Stratford, Eastfield.  He argued that as it was in East London that should be the name.

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A Funny Thing To Advertise At Football

I was intrigued by this advert at Bloomfield Road.

What is

What does do? It’s nothing dodgy, but a timber company. I wouldn’t get a wonga loan to buy your timber though!


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Writing In An Oven Glove

Can you write or do delicate tasks in an oven or other form of protective glove?

This video shows me writing in an oven glove from Gloven.

It was surprising how much control I had.  As an engineer, I feel that it has many applications in the wider world, outside of the kitchen.

Remember they also protect against the cold and one version has extra silicone grips.

I will definitely be getting a pair to help with my gammy hand in the kitchen.

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Where To Watch Premier League Football in Blackpool

I found this sign outside a pub in Blackpool.

All Premier League Matches Here!

Note that the Manchester City match can be watched at three.  Which of course, is the same time, that the Blackpool Ipswich match started!

So perhaps you have to watch it with a Greek commentary!

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Comparing Texas and the EU

I found this on the web in a piece talking about the Texan use of the death penalty.

Luckily we don’t live in Texas, where they own around 51 million guns (more than all of the European Union combined) and the Encyclopedia Britannica is banned because it contains a formula for making beer.

The population of Texas is incidentally 24.7 million and that of the EU is 501.3 million.  As to the Encyclopedia Britannica, I haven’t seen one in years and don’t know anybody who has one.

I’d be interested to know how many people are killed accidentally by guns in Texas every year.

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