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92 Clubs – The Biggest Problem

This does seem to be the pollen count and my hay fever.  Would you believe that the count is High today in Coventry!

But my balance seem to be better.  I did complain here about Virgin’s Pendolinos, but now I can walk up and down the moving train with ease.

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92 Clubs – Day 10 – Cheltenham, Chesterfield, Colchester

This was a day with three stadia well away from the train stations.

I took the 7:48 out of Paddington and didn’t mess about and got a taxi to the Cheltenham‘s ground.

Outside Cheltenham's Abbey Business Stadium

Getting back was a little more difficult, as I got to drop me near the town centre and got lost.  There wasn’t many signs either.  When will these towns learn, that not all visitors come by car?

Chesterfield was next after a rather tedious but thankfully short direct train from Cheltenham.  Cross-country trains seem to always be crowded and thery definitely need some larger trains.

By the Pitch at Chesterfield


As you can see from the picture, I got a warm welcome at Chesterfield, after a taxi ride from the ground. On match-days, it’s easier as they have a shuttle bus. The stadium was the most impressive this week so far.

But I did get a bus to the station and had plenty of time before my London train. 

I then had time for a meal at Carluccio’s in St. Pancras, before going home to dump some rubbish and then take the evening train for Colchester.

Outside a Well-Lit Colchester Stadium

This was the best picture we could get.

But then I was quickly on the train and back to London, where I was reasonably early to bed. At least I was able to pick up the gluten-free sandwiches for at Marks and Spencer in the station.

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