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92 Clubs – Day 21 – Milton Keynes, Morecambe, Newcastle

althoughy, I only visited three clubs it was one of the longer days including eight trains, three on the Newcastle Metro and two taxis.

Milton Keynes is one of those stadia built where the land was available and not in a place convenient for public transport.  But it would appear that publicf transport is not of much account in the city of roundabouts and few signs. As I went to the stadium in a taxi, I couldn’t see many signs to either the stadium or the station.  This caught me out years ago, when I drove to the city to get a train to Warrington. In the end I got a rare parking ticket, for leaving my car in the wrong place.

Outside MK Dons Stadium

I wasn’t there long and was quickly on a train to Crewe, where I changed for Lancaster on my way to Morecambe.

The town was a bit of a surprise, as I thought it would be like Blackpool only smaller. It is smaller, but it is in much better state than its larger resort down the coast. You wouldn’t see anything as tasteful as this on a roundabout in Blackpool.

Outside Morecambe Station

The stadium is new and a bit of a way away from the town centre.

Outside Morecambe's Globe Arena

But it looks pretty good and as the town was nice although a bit blowy, I’ll be back, if Ipswich play there. The beach looked a good place to walk too!

Morecambe Beach

It would be three trains from Morecambe to Newcastle, via Lancaster and Carlisle. I’ll say more on this journey later.

On arrival in Newcastle, I took the metro to St. James’ Park.

St. James' Park, Newcastle

They’ve even got the Metro station in the club’s colours.

St. James Metro Station in Newcastle Colours

Is this unique?

I was on the train to London on time and in bed before midnight.

when I looked at the schedule at the start of yesterday, I thought a lot of things could go wrong!

Nothing did!

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  1. Morecambe is okay, it is much more genteel than Blackpool. It too has illuminations, but they are on an island in the middle of a lake in the park, and you walk around them. We used to sometimes take the children to Morecambe when they were little. Fleetwood is another nice sleepy little place along that same stretch of coastline.

    Comment by liz | October 22, 2011 | Reply

  2. […] Only Morecambe deserves any award. Just as with Hartlepool last week, they have done their best with very limited resources. The Town really shows up Blackpool to be the real dump it is. It was a pity I had so little time there on a very busy Day 21. […]

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