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Practical Risk Taking

David Spiegelhalter is Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk at Cambridge University. His personal home page doesn’t look like most you find for academics of his august reputation.

We will all have the chance to see him on television tonight.

Not in some economics program about what the various rating agencies think of the euro or a discussion on the risk of smoking, but in the first edition of the BBC’s new series called Winter Wipeout. In an article in The Times today, he said that he considered it an obligation under my terms of employment to apply.

What did the University’s Health and Safety Department say?  He does not disclose this in The Times.

Let’s hope though, that after his performance, where I hope he does well, that the politicians, bankers, businessmen and the general public take statistics more seriously. And act on what they say they should do!

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This Should Never Happen Again

The case of Dr. Eva Michalak should never happen again. Reading the story in The Times and on the BBC, it seems that the doctor did nothing wrong in her work, except decide to have a baby. That seemed to arouse the ire and vindictiveness of her colleagues and quite rightly, she has got a settlement to compensate for the career they destroyed.

My main problem with this case, is that it would appear that none of her colleagues, have been disciplined in any way. That may not be the case, but as in so many cases like this secrecy may have been used to protect the guilty.

Every person, who runs a large company or organisation, has a duty to all their employees to make sure things like this don’t happen.  It could also be argued that they must manage the organisation, so that no employee is pushed into a position, that will cost their company a lot of money. Is the Chief Executive still employed by the Trust? I hope not!

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Should New Routemasters Be Named?

I know they’re not called New Routemasters officially, but will they ever be called anything else?

I think all of the buses should be individually named, perhaps in series to reflect the area they run through.

After all, there a lot of Londoners to name them after.

If we take the 38 route, famous people with strong Hackney connections who would be suitable might include.

Edmond Halley

Barbara Windsor

Alfred Hitchcock

Michael Caine

Jessica Tandy

Phillips Idowu

I would like the list to be quirky and slightly educational and without any trace of politicians or jobsworths.

They could also be named indirectly. So for instance Edmond Halley might be commemorated by a bus named Halley’s Comet or Jessica Tandy, who was born in Clapton, by one called Miss Daisy. And then what about The Italian Job for Michael Caine, after all one of the stars was a coach.

Local heroes would be allowed, like the named after Dave Gardner.

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