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The Government Has Second Thoughts On Central European Time

The MP, Rebecca Harris is to introduce a Private Members Bill, that will bring in Central European Time on a trial basis. It’s reported here on the BBC.

It might make my life better, as I’m a very early riser, but would that be beneficial to me or not.

It would mean that I’d wake at six rather than five, just as the various breakfast news programs are starting.

But it won’t get to law, as some backwoodsman will say no! And Ulster always says no!

Interestingly, last time, it was debated, a lot of Scottish institutions backed the change, although some MPs didn’t.

Having looked after horses for a lot of the last forty years, the arguments about farming are spurious in my view. I’ve never found an animal that can tell the time, but all of them manage their lives by the light levels.

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Is This Because Of The Hour Change?

I saw this sign on a shop near me.

Is This Because Of The Hour  Change?

Is This Because Of The Hour Change?

As I took the picture, the weekend of the hour change, it might have been true for one day only.

But does the owner alter it, when the clocks go the other way?

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The Evenings Are Getting Lighter

It’s now over a month since the Winter Solstice and the evenings are noticeably lighter.  I took this picture just after 15:30.

The Evenings Are Getting Lighter

The Evenings Are Getting Lighter

The jagged building is Cromwell Tower in the Barbican, where we brought up our family.

Unfortunately, It’s still cold today, but we can now look forward rather than back.

According to this web page, in January the day gets a whopping 72 minutes longer in London.

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Scottish Time

There was a cheeky letter in the Times yesterday saying that if the Scots got independence, would the rest of the UK be able to do what we want to do with the clocks and move to a time zone compatible with most of the EU?

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Dinosaurs Wreck Daylight Saving Bill

The latest attempt at saving lives by moving the clocks an hour forward has been wrecked by those MPs, who have gone against the main will of the House of Commons, the government and the people of the UK, by using procedural tricks to talk the Bill out. Read all about it in the Guardian.

It’s funny, but now I live in London instead of Suffolk, I’m more in favour than ever of the bill. I have just walked back from  a bus in semi-darkness.  So in Islington and Hackney, the lights aren’t too bad, but it was just at this time of night last winter, when a teenage girl was killed as she crossed between two buses, just round the corner from where I live.  An hour of extra daylight and she might still be alive. She probably shouldn’t have done it, but who hasn’t.

If the Scots, who weren’t the major objectors this time incidentally, want a different timezone to England, then that is their business.

But how many other pedestrians will have to die before this lunacy is corrected.

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A Clock in Norwich Station

I took this picture of the clock in Norwich station.

An Inaccurate Clock in Norwich Station

Nothing wrong really, except someone in the station, put it back an hour a few days too early. I never knew that people in Norwich were ahead of their time!

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Half an Hour Ahead and Twenty-Five Years Behind

I was listening to BBC Radio 5 this morning in bed and there was a bit of confusion in a report from Australia about the time of the Australia England Rugby League match in Melbourne.

I don’t know whether it’s still as confusing, but when I flew C and myself and C round Australia, we found that each State had different time-zones.

The title of this post, was the answer I got to the question “What time is it in Queensland?”, when I checked out of Alice Springs for my flight to Mount Isa.

We didn’t like Mount Isa, as we were only stopping for fuel and the guy in charge of it was a drunk named Cliff, who was the only objectionable person we met on that four weeks trip to Australia. 

By the way, Mount Isa makes Scunthorpe look like a garden city!

Whilst we’re on the subject of time, all flying is done to UTC or GMT, so a typical flight resulted in some pretty strange times in the log book.

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