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Our Crazy Extradition Laws

I actually think that to extradite Abu Qatada to Jordan to stand trial might be the wrong thing to do.  Although many in this country from Lord Carlile and the Prime Minister downwards think he should go.

But then I also think to leave him here might be the wrong thing to do as well.  If you read about him on the Internet he has annoyed a lot of powerful and/or nasty people, who have a record of making sure people they don’t like, can’t hurt them.

But then we are quite happy to send people to the United States, as we did with the NatWest Three and are soon to do with Christopher Tappin and a few others, due to Tony Blair’s one-sided extradition treaty, that he signed to curry favour with the United States.

It all doesn’t seem fair, that we have no control over our extradition process. Either the European Court stops us or we just say yes to the United States.

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A Large Valentine’s Day Present

This story surprised me. The original data from the Co-Operative Bank, shows that this Valentine’s Day £41 million will be spent on presents for pets.

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Is the Glasgow Premier League Going to Get Smaller?

It has been reported this afternoon that Glasgow Rangers may be going into Administration, so if they did, it would affectively leave Glasgow Celtic as the only major club in Glasgow.

So does this mean the end for Rangers?

The major creditor is reported to be HMRC, who lately have demanded their money.

But whatever happens they’ll get a ten-point deduction, just as Portsmouth will in England, who’ve also gone into administration.

It is also been reported that Celtic’s Chief Executive is not worried if Rangers folds. That in my view is not a very charitable altitude.

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How do We get Drugs out of the Music Business?

Yesterday we had the tragic death of Whitney Houston.  Not necessarily from drugs, as we don’t know yet.  But it does seem that every star in the music business seems to have fought addiction at some time.  And in many cases, it’s killed them or assisted them on their way!

They set a very bad example to young people! And to everyone in fact!

But last night at the Grammys did anybody speak up against drugs? Not that I have seen in any report! They gave Whitney Houston a tribute, but didn’t say how stupid she was to get involved in drugs and alcohol.

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WIll This Greek Package Work?

The Greek government passed a new package of austerity measures last night as this report says. but will the Greek public accept it? As Greeks by repute seem to feel that taxes are optional, I doubt that this deal will stick.

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