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From Bank to Poplar on the DLR

This video shows why the DLR appeals to kids of all ages.

As the train is driverless, you can often get the front all to yourself. I just sat in the right hand seat and balanced my elbows on the cover in front of me.

To get these pictures, I waited on Platform 9 at Bank station until a train going to Woolwich Arsenal or Beckton stations  and got in the front on the right hand side. The Lewisham trains would be a worthy alternative, especially as they go through Canary Wharf station.

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A Practical Reason for Same-Sex Marriage

There has been so much rheotic and I suspect rhubarb and prejudice talked about this, that it’s difficult to sort the wood from the trees.

But a spokesman on the BBC, who said he’s been in a good civil partnership for six years, said that the reason he wants to get married is for next-of-kin reasons. In the UK you can name who you want as a next-of-kin within reason, but he said that law stopped at Dover. So marriage would sort out quite a few problems, especially if your partner was unlucky enougfh to die.

He may be being a bit simplistic and it might be valid in countries like the Netherlands, Canada, Norway and South Africa, where same-sex partnerships or marriages are allowed, but what about countries like  Qatar or Saudi Arabia. On the other hand would British law take precedence?

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A Church With A Station in the Rectory

I mentioned in the last post, that St. Mary Woolnoth had the access to the Docklands Light Railway, where the rectory used to be. So I took some pictures this morning.

It would appear the church has gone commercial with a Starbucks. too. What more could a commuter want? Religion, coffee and a quick way to the City Airport.

It was actually a three stage drop to the platforms of the DLR, but the lifts would have taken the average loaded wheel-chair and a pusher with ease. The first lift actually gets you to the escalators, so it could be a quick bypass of the stairs from street-level, if you’re carrying something heavy.

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Disabled and Normal Access on the Docklands Light Railway

When I was in Bank station yesterday, I noticed that there is a lift down to the Docklands Light Railway.  Where it comes out at the surface, I don’t know. and it is worth an investigation. As it is foggy today, perhaps I’ll go and have a look. According to Wikipedia, the lift gets to the surface in the rectory of St. Mary Woolnoth

i should say though, that access to the DLR has greatly improved from the Northern line and now it is just one short staircase and twenty metres or so in a tunnel.  There are also escalators everywhere, which is one of the reasons I didn’t use the lift. so sometimes, when they refurbish a station, like they have at Bank, they do get it right.

But this web site for Stratford International station doesn’t.  Type disabled or wheel-chair into the site search engine and nothing is found. Although the station is known to be step free and if you want to transfer between the DLR and say a service to Ipswich, Southend or Dalston, it’s lifts all the way.

Why can’t people who design web sites get them right? I suspect that there’s full information on how to get to Eastfield, the Shopping Centre though!

To take the Golden Syrup picture, I travelled to West Silvertown station, which is a typical elevated DLR station, with a lift and a staircase to both platforms. Incidentally, this station has some short term parking, as many do on the DLR, so it is an ideal place to set someone on their way in a wheel-chair say and then go and find somewhere safe to leave the car for a longer time.


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A Good Summary of Crossrail

Although, it’s mainly about the start of tunnelling on Crossrail,  this post on the BBC, has some good graphics and maps about the new train line through London.

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