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The East India Dock Basin

Travelling towards the River Thames, you come to the East India Dock Basin, which is now a nature reserve, is described here.

As you can see, it is well-laid out and has good views of the River Thames. The island in the middle of the basin is growing using the same method that salt marshes do in places like Norfolk.  There were quite a few birds about with sheld-duck, tufted duck and coot easily spotted. Apparently, there’s a local kingfisher too! There is a lot of good information. What would Jack Dash have thought?

There are plenty of places to sit and considering how close it is to the end of the 277 bus route and East India station on the DLR, it’s an ideal spot to go for a picnic.

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The Luck of the Irish

Only the Irish would strike oil a few days before St. Patrick’s Day as is reported here.

Then they win the Gold Cup at Cheltenham today.

So what will happen tomorrow in the rugby.  It’s obvious.

Even this van had the flag out.

The Irish Are Flying The Flag

I don’t wish the Irish bad luck tomorrow.  But I do hope England win!


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The Southern End of the River Lea

The River Lea meanders its way into the Thames in a rather lackadaisical way. Today I took the 277 bus all the way to Leamouth and followed the signs behind the Esso garage. I’m mentioning the garage as it seems to crop up in a lot of directions.

A sign pointed me to the River Lea Walk and a couple of minutes later I was there.

These pictures show that The Lea isn’t the most attractive of rivers.

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What Would Jamie Oliver Think of This Rubbish?

A report on the BBC has said that so-called ‘pink slime’ is being withdrawn from school dinners in the United States.

No wonder the country has so many problems, if this is considered an acceptable food for children.

They make the dreaded turkey twizzlers, so hated by Jamie Oliver, look perfectly edible and wonderfully nutritious.

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We Need More Canning Town Stations

Canning Town station is a major interchange in East London and will be important in getting spectators to the Olympics.

The Jubilee line, two DLR lines and lots of bus routes meet there.

We need more interchanges like this in London and over the whole country for that matter. As I have said before, Hackney Downs and Hackney Central stations should be combined, with a bus station below.

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