The Anonymous Widower

Watching the Tube

They’re showing how they vacuum out the tube tunnels.  Strangely, a few years ago those that did this job were women, now they are men.  Can there be many jobs these days, where men have taken over from women?

Soon these men will be succeeded by a new Tunnel Cleaning Train made up of two old Victoria line power cars, with some carriages turned into a giant vacuum cleaner in between.

It was strange too, that the two aerial cleaners, who did the roof at Canary Wharf came from Suffolk.  Strange as there aren’t many mountains in that part of England to practise on.

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The Moon and the Planets

I was standing outside Carluccio’s in Upper Street tonight, watching a glorious moon with the planet Venus alongside.

A few minutes later, I was outside my house and they had been joined by Jupiter lower down.

Never in my life have I seen all of these heavenly bodies together.

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Bank Transfers Not Happening

I tried a couple of times make a couple of on-line payments this morning and my son also tried to send me something.  But nothing went through.

My only thoughts is that they are setting up so many ISAs, that the system is creaking.

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Sir Roger Bannister and the Affect of Heat and Humidity

I didn’t realise that one of the first papers that Sir Roger produced was about the affect of heat and humidity on people. He did his research in Aden in 1957.

I couldn’t find the paper, but I did find him quoted in a Powerpoint presentation on the subject, written Col. John Gardner, MD for the United States Army or Marines.

The notion that courage and esprit de corps can somehow defeat the principles of physiology is not only wrong but dangerously wrong. 

I don’t know what the temperatures and humidity are like in Afghanistan are like, but do the British and American forces take note of the doctor.

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