The Anonymous Widower

A Comedy Turn At Highbury Corner

I went up to the new littleWaitrose at Highbury Corner this afternoon. No problems in the shopping and in fact the shop is better than its medium sized sister at Islington, as the gluten-free selection is better and the self-service tills are easier to use.

Catching the 277 bus home, I was treated to one of the funniest comedy drunk acts in quite a few years.  An obese lady, probably about fifty, with hair died a bright purple, was trying to board a bus. The stream of invective would have outshone a navvy, who had just dropped a sledge-hammer on their foot. When I arrived the lady driver of the bus, opened the door and let me in.  she seemed totally unmoved at the invective and smiled widely, when I said thanks for waiting for me.  In the end, the drunk was left on the pavement, still screaming loudly, much to the amusement of passengers.

One of the great advantages of Routemasters and their predecessors, was that the conductor could give a signal for the driver to leave quickly. I’ve actually seen a conductor do this, when a drunk was balanced on the rear platform and then give a small push, to make sure the drunk toppled into the road. Health and safety would stop such extreme measures these days.

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