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Did Betfair Lay Down The Model For Social Lenders?

Zopa, Funding Circle and Ratesetter, think they are unique, but did they just borrow the principle from the betting exchange, Betfair.

In all four, you can play both sides against each other, although the purpose of Betfair is different.

The same principles could also be applied to an energy exchange.  Let’s say a town or an area got together and pooled their energy needs and say they wanted a particular price, which the energy suppliers could then bid for.

I don’t see too much difference.

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This Bus Is Beautiful

Coming home from the Angel late this afternoon, as I was getting on one of the New Buses for London, an attractive black lady of about thirty or so, approached the driver, leaned over so he could hear and said “I just had to tell you, but this bus is beautiful!”

How many times has such a statement been said about a humble bus?

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Birthday Charity Giving

I’ve had some more positive responses on my idea for giving to charity on your birthday, which I outlined here.

It just seems to hit a chord with people, to give to celebrate another year of life, hopefully well-lived.

So I’ve now given it a name of Birthday Charity Giving. It was the only sensible name I could think using the first letters of the names of my wife, son and the late company accountant, who set me up with the good pension I enjoy.

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Creating A Ratesetter Account

I have just created a Ratesetter account, as I want to see how other peer-to-peer lending sites work.

As a Zopa user for many years, I could be considered biased, but although I got registered quickly, there are some things I liked and didn’t.

E-Mail Address Based Account

All accounts, should be based on e-mail addresses.  They are in Ratesetter.


Because of my gammy left hand, I don’t like passwords where case is important, as I often get it wrong, when I use the shift key. Ratesetter  insists on at least one number.

At least though they didn’t use the dreaded Captcha system beloved of so many sites.

Check Questions

They only have one question, which you setup yourself. I’m happy with that.


I had no problems here and they only wanted my current one.

Debit Cards and Bank Transfers

Ratesetter allow both methods of transferring money to the account. I prefer the bank transfer.

But I did successfully register my account and transfer £1,000 into the account.

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MPs Don’t Like Google’s Tax Affairs

According to this article in the Daily Telegraph, Google only paid £6m tax on revenues of £395m.

Obviously, it is not in the interest of the UK, that major international companies pay so little tax.  It’s also not in the interest of small UK companies, who perhaps pay high rates of tax and see their foreign competitors in the UK, paying very little.

Years ago, I was involved in monitoring the perception in the press of major companies. After a couple of quarters bumping along at the bottom, companies quickly picked their ideas up.

So perhaps a publicly available table on the Internet, showing the turnover, tax and a few other figures of companies, might not be a bad idea.

Suppose say it was obvious that a well known restaurant chain, was paying a very low rate of tax.  Would it mean that customers went elsewhere? Possibly, but it might mean they did other things to justify the low rate, that were of benefit to the UK.

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