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An Enjoyable Afternoon

I must be one of few men, who likes going clothes shopping with ladies. I often did with C and I do wonder if it all started with my mother teaching me how to make clothes and making them for C in the early years of our marriage.

My mother was an expert dressmaker and in the days after the war, when money was short for us, she would even make trousers for me, by cutting the flies out of someone’s cast off and then build a new pair on them. Remember in those days, boys were in shorts until thirteen on so, probably to save money.

I suppose the best thing I ever made for C, was a long winter coat.  So she had one, when they became fashionable and most of her friends didn’t.

With C, I used to have the knack of taking a dress off the rack and saying that will suit you.  Sometimes I was right and sometimes I was wrong.

But I do know, from my computing experiences with graphics and my skill in engineering drawing, that I did have the ability to imagine well in 3-D.

Whether it is undiminished after the stroke I do not know.

So yesterday, a friend, who’s going to a wedding in New York later in the year, dragged me along, to see if I could help. She needed a smart day dress.

Her problems with clothes are two-fold.

The first is genetic, in that she is not tall at all, but with a very good figure and a very small waist. The second, is that she has no patience for clothes shopping and was very likely to do a runner.

In some ways, it developed into a scene not unlike that of Grace Brothers, more though in the jokes and things that were said, than the characters involved.

The classic was when the patience-rich assistant said that that most dresses they had were for older ladies and my friend was a lot younger.  She then announced her age to everyone. The assistants had a good laugh, but the lady behind, who was also looking for a similar  rather formal dress didn’t.  But then she had a figure that would be extremely difficult to dress properly at all.

Some of the funniest cracks were reserved for whom the assistant thought would be at the wedding, whilst my friend was in the changing room.  They were also said with actions, showing the size of people expected.

After trying on three or four dresses of the six or so, brought to her, my friend actually bought one. She liked it and I’ve had a text to say that she still does.

So we all could retreat after success.

I should have days out like this more often!

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