The Anonymous Widower

Dressing To Win!

I am not being sexist in this post, as I think it applies just as much to men as women.

My late wife, C was always immaculately dressed for her appearances as a barrister in Court. I know too, from a lunch I had with a retired judge, who she regularly appeared in front of, that she would dress appropriately for the case and those in Court.

The judge also said, she made sure she was the centre of attention and as the judge said, she dressed to win.

C was considered by her peers to be a very competent lawyer, but several times she expressed doubts about her skills to me, so I do wonder, if she used clothes to give herself confidence.

I think that both Theresa May and Hillary Clinton don’t dress to win and both of them have lost!

How many times in their campaigns were they seen in plain bog-standard clothes, that made them look ordinary?

I can hear the words of C, in my ears, as she criticises their dress sense.

Incidentally, she always made sure, I was well-turned out!


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Is The BBC Dropping Its Dress Standards?

I clipped this picture of sports reporter, Sally Nugent on BBC Breakfast this morning.

Sally Nugent On BBC Breakfast

Sally Nugent On BBC Breakfast

I couldn’t quite get a picture that showed the striped shorts fully.

Why not?

After all recently, in an article on a swimming pool, the presenter (male!) was persuaded to strip off and do a report from the water.

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An Encounter With A Latex Lady

As I descended in the lift in the Ibis hotel in Dresden to brave the weather and explore the city, I was joined by a couple aged about forty, who as he was carrying a folded umbrella and she was wearing a short black, buckled and belted, expensive-looking mac, were obviously better prepared for the weather than I was.

She man was beside me and she stood opposite us on the other side of the lift directly facing us, pulling poses at her partner!

It was then that I noticed that the mac was exceedingly short and that I couldn’t see any skirt or trousers beneath. I did think to myself, that that was sensible given the foul weather and it was then that I noticed she was wearing shiny black latex tights . On her feet were a pair of absolutely flat lightweight black leather shoes. Nothing fetishistic at all!

Leaving the lift they walked straight out of the door to wherever they were going, whilst I walked downtown.

It all reminded me of an evening about twelve years ago, where C had handled the divorce for a lady, to whom fetish clothing was no stranger. Although, C did say, that their sexual habits and preferences had contributed to the breakdown of the marriage. After the case, the lady gave C a pair of latex tights, that she said C might like to try.

As in Dresden that evening was very wet and let’s say it was very enjoyable.

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Brighton Police And White Helmets

After my visit to Brighton, where at the football, I saw a few police in their traditional custodian helmets, I remembered that in the 1960s I’d seen images of policemen in the town in white helmets.

Then this article on the BBC web site entitled Just how practical is a traditional Bobby’s helmet?

The article says this about Brighton’s white helmets.

From the 1930s to the 1960s, police in Brighton and Hove wore white helmets in the summer, as they kept the head cooler. This discontinued when they became part of Sussex Police.

Perhaps it is an idea that may come back in another form.

As an aside, a friend in the sixties was a Metropolitan policeman, who served for a time in Anguilla in 1969.

Because of the heat instead of their standard police shirts, the police who went to the island, were issued with special Van Heusen tropical shirts in an appropriate colour.

When he returned to normal duties in London, he once told me, that the shirts were invaluable on hot days.

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My First New Year Resolution

Over two years ago, I said I was looking for a short-sleeved dressing gown.

I still am!

After just chasing several things on the floor with my sleeves, it’s time, I bought an ordinary one and cut the sleeves down.

It’s not as though, I can’t afford it!

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Am I Pedantic?

There is an old joke about surgeons operating on electrical engineers, saying they like doing it as everything is colour-coded. I did find a version of the joke here.

Five surgeons were taking a coffee break and were discussing their work.

The first said, “I think accountants are the easiest to operate on. You open them up and everything inside is numbered.”

The second said, “I think librarians are the easiest to operate on. You open them up and everything inside is in alphabetical order.”

The third said, “I like to operate on electricians. You open them up and everything inside is color-coded.”

The fourth one said, “I like to operate on lawyers. They’re heartless, spineless and gutless.”

The fifth surgeon says “I like engineers . They always understand when you have a few parts left over at the end.”  

I sometimes can be very disorganised, but I’m also very pedantic. This morning, after sorting my washing, I had two socks left over; one blue and one red.

Two Odd Socks

Two Odd Socks

I’d obviously put one red and one blue together whilst sorting them out.

I must be one of the only people I know, who would sort through the sock balls to find the other odd pair.

Luckily, they were only the third pair I checked.

So now I can sleep soundly, knowing that I don’t have two pairs of odd socks in the drawer.



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Who’d Be A Clothes Retailer?

According to the Daily Mail, winter clothes aren’t selling as it’s still warm. Here’s the first paragraph.

Indian summer hits M&S and Next clothes sales: Stores unable to shift winter boots and coats because of warm October temperatures.

It doesn’t bother me, as I wear almost the same clothes all year round. I’m always in a short-sleeved shirt, with or without a cashmere jumper from M & S. I do swap cords for chinos if it gets too hot, but I rarely wear shorts. And for nearly eight months now, I’ve worn the same lightweight bomber jacket, as it keeps me dry and has the right format of pockets.

If I’m going somewhere smart, I might wear a 25-year-old sports jacket, which is so unstylish that it gets admired all the time. I wore it at CERN.

I am finding that I’m spending less and less money on clothes. I did think that I might get some new expensive Daks cords for the winter, but when I went to try them on, I found that trendy designers had ruined the design. The fastenings were so complicated, if you had got taken short, you wouldn’t have been able to get your trousers down quick enough. So I decided to buy another pair from M & S.

Because of this inability to buy clothes, I now tend to be ruthless in taking unwanted ones to Oxfam and then buy a replacement in probably M & S.

The only thing I spend money on are belts and bags. I’m still searching for a perfect one of the latter. The trouble is they’re not designed by real people.

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Does The Fashion Industry Think People Have More Money Than Sense?

Over the last few days, I’ve been through several glossy supplements to Newspapers and they seem to supporters by the big fashion companies, selling over-designed and over-priced clothes and accessories. They are mainly for women, but you do see adverts for watches that are more difficult to understand for the average Joe, than Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History Of Time.

I’ve always had a policy of not buying any clothes with any form of branding on it, unless the design is what I want. C was very much the same and usually her handbag was lacking any obvious label, although often they were expensive.

But seeing these adverts and also observing ladies around the world, why is it that they overpay for a handbag and then have some enormous advert slapped on it, which generally ruins any style the design had in the first place?

C once bought a very expensive bra and knickers set, because it fitted her so well. When she put it on for the first time, I asked her if she really wanted to show off where she had spent her money. She was rather embarrassed and after that first wearing, it was never seen again. When she died, I sold it for a lot of money on eBay. Just because of the name!

I think where fashion is concerned, there are several born every minute!

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A Design Crime – Why I Didn’t Buy Another Pair Of DAKs Trousers

For the last twenty-five years, I’ve had a pair of DAKs cord trousers for when I need to be smart. Last year, I bought a replacement pair and they were fine.

The original pair were still comfortable and warm and I wore them on my holiday in Iceland. I unfortunately ripped them on something, so there was only one place for them – the bin!

So I thought I’d buy another pair and went to their shop.

But what a disappointment!

They’ve been designered and now there are three buttons to do the trousers up. With my gammy hand that is a no-no! Or imagine getting taken short and wanting to disrobe quickly.

It’s almost as bad as the dreaded button-fly!

I went elsewhere!


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Ipswich Town Blue

On the BBC Radio 5 commentary for the Open, someone has just said, that Rory McIlroy is wearing trousers in Ipswich Town blue.

I didn’t think that Ipswich Town’s blue was that unique.

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