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A Pedestrian Crossing From Hell

I could have labelled this crossing between Bordesley station and Birmingham City’s ground of St. Andrews, the worst I’d seen, but the pictures didn’t do it justice.

A Pedestrian Crossing From Hell

They don’t show how there was no signs, lights or a policeman on a road, where cars took the junction at well over the legal limit.  Two cars actually touched as I waited to cross.

But nothing will be done, as a proper solution would slow the cars.  And cars are of course kings in Birmingham, with only losers using public transport.

One day, there’ll be a serious accident.

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  2. […] Birmingham to me, is one of the least pedestrian friendly cities in the UK and it seems to an outsider that everything has been given over to the car. On my last visit for example, I found no walking maps at all. I also went to St. Andrews to see Ipswich play Birmingham city last year and walking to the ground was a dangerous experience. […]

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  3. […] was designed using Birmingham’s 1960s philosophy of deling with traffic and pedestrians, that I’ve seen going to Birmingham City several times – Pedestrians should be channelled into dangerous areas, so they are run over and killed. […]

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  4. […] When you go to Birmingham City to watch a match from Bordesley station, you take your life in your hands to cross the road. I reported the bad roundabout in A Pedestrian Crossing From Hell. […]

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